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Fake dentist worked for 29 years

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Malaysian police have arrested a man who practised as a dentist for 29 years although he had no medical training and treated patients at his home in a cast-off examining chair.

The impostor’s closest brush with the dental profession was during the years 1962 to 1978, when he assisted an army dentist by carrying his bag on visits to plantation workers’ homes, the New Straits Times reported.


Probably explains why he used a mallet for anesthesia.

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Crime Tip: When hauling $400,000 in pot, obey the traffic laws

Three men were arrested this afternoon by Anne Arundel County police after a traffic stop yielded two suitcases containing more than $435,000 in suspected marijuana, police said.

Detectives pulled over a 1991 Cadillac on Route 295 and West Nursery Road in Linthicum about 4 p.m., and a police dog alerted the officers to the presence of drugs, police said. In the trunk, officers located two suitcases that contained 32 pounds of suspected marijuana

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Father and daughter cars



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And you thought you had a crappy job…

It happens. And yesterday morning, it happened to two unlucky employees at the Deer Island Treatment Plant who were smothered in sewage after a pipe suddenly exploded. An MWRA spokeswoman downplayed the accident. “I won’t say this is routine…” [That’s comforting…Oldster]

… Two employees were replacing a valve when the pipe burst, deluging them in approximately 100 gallons of sewage. The workers were decontaminated at the scene and taken to a local hospital for observation. They were not seriously injured, Convery said.

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Drive-in tire store

iWon News
Yep. It was the brakes all right. A motorist whose brakes were “acting strange” and wanted them checked drove through the front window of a tire store [in Longview, Washington] when the brakes failed as he was pulling into a parking slip, Longview police Officer Erik Hendrickson said.

No one was injured in the Monday morning incident at a Les Schwab store on Longview’s Ocean Beach Highway, although “six or eight feet of the car was inside the store,” Hendrickson said.


Repairs (insured) will cost about $5000. According to the manager this is the third time in 15 years that someone has mistaken the tire store for a drive-in.

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Yes, I want fries with that!

Mary and Lee Humphrey have eaten a meal at their local fast-food outlet McDonald’s in the southern English town of Eastbourne every weekday for nearly 17 years, Britain’s the Guardian reported on Wednesday. The couple first “fell in love” with the restaurant after their arrival to Britain from Canada in 1990.

Sharing nearly the exact same order for all that time, the Humphreys point to the friendliness of the service and the youthful atmosphere and conversation as the draws that keep them coming back for more at the venue they have come to refer to as their “office”.

Pooh-poohing anti-McDonald’s health warnings and even Britain’s BSE (“mad cow”) scare, the couple – now in their 80s – say their diet has left them slim and healthy.

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A Chinese man has drifted more than 1,500 miles down the country’s longest river in a tire inner-tube.

Chinese man Cheng Yanhua, 41, travelled more than 1,500 miles down the Yangtse river in a tyre inner-tube /Lu Feng

Cheng Yanhua, 41, took 43 days to finish the journey along the Yangtze river from his home town of Jinzhou city to Shanghai. He undertook the journey because he wanted to promote the Olympic spirit, reports the Shanghai Evening Post.

Cheng said: “I put a basin in the tire for my feet, while sitting on a board on top of the tire. And I had two small bamboo paddles. That was all.”

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Wanna buy rent a duck?

Germans are lining up to rent farm animals to help with the gardening as part of a new green scheme. Werner Kiwitt, who runs an ecological park in Schleswig-Holstein, is offering sheep to cut the grass and ducks to eat the slugs.

He said: “You get free fertiliser provided by the animals as well, so it’s not a bad deal.”

Mr Kewitt said he was getting orders from all over the country after a plague of slugs nationwide following recent heavy rains.

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Well, that didn’t turn out too well…for the crooks

A Chinese woman has told how robbers snatched a parcel of dog poo wrapped in newspaper out of her hand outside a bank.

Mrs Chen, of Laohekou city, was waiting in the bank to withdraw money when nature suddenly called for her dog.

“While I was waiting in the queue, my dog had to poo. So I asked for several pieces of newspaper to wrap the poo,” she said. After wrapping it, Chen left the bank, and was waiting to cross the street to throw the parcel into a rubbish bin when the robber struck.

“A motorcycle stopped swiftly before me, the man on the rear seat seized the package from me, and they sped away,” she said.


Can you imagine the look on their faces when they oened the parcel?

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Dumb Crook: “Not Guilty! You Got The Wrong Guy!”


Today’s dumb crook tried to hold up a liquor store in Kentucky while wearing his clever duct tape disguise but was chased off by the owner using his own duct taped club, was pursued by an employee who grabbed him and held him until police arrived, unwrapped him and took him into custody. His response? They got the wrong guy. I’m thinking of nominating him for “Dumb Crook of the Year” or maybe “Dumb Crook of the Decade”.

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