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But we liked our sign just the way it was!

KMGH Denver

Boulder [Colorado] officials are wondering after getting complaints about removing a road sign that mispelled maintenance, the Camera reports.

The sign, which said “No Winter Maintance,” stood for at least 20 years near Gold Hill. In addition to the typo, it had become the target of bullets.

“It’s part of the history of the area,” said Edie Eilender, a Gold Hill resident. “It’s the quirkiness of it. It’s been there and is part of the background.”

John Mosher, the county’s sign shop boss, said there is no record of when it was installed. When it was taken down the metal was recycled.

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Will you hold, please?

The Sunday Telegraph
A customer trying to call British telecoms operator BT Group was left hanging on the telephone for a total of 20 hours, The Times newspaper reported today.

Hannah King, 51, called a company helpline after a BT engineer failed to turn up to install a telephone line at her new flat in Milford Haven, south Wales, according to the paper. For eight hours in a row, she endured the sound of piped music.

She gave up and tried again the next day – and waited another eight hours before putting the phone down.

The following day, she spent a further four hours on hold before hanging up.

That took the total time wasted to almost one day, the paper said.


How could she call them if her phone wasn’t working?

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