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You can’t be too careful where Nessie is involved

Organisers of a duathlon in Scotland have taken out a 1.97-million-dollar insurance policy against “attack by or sighting of the fabled Loch Ness Monster”.

Should either event occur then Royal and Sun Alliance would pay off.

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Does it smell funny in here?

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“So I bought a early ’58 double door panel about 5 or six months ago. It is a pretty solid bus, not much rust and not too much filler in it, just lots of paint. It came from a friend of a frien who owned it in AZ for 5 years, before that it sat at a for 2 years prior, and a friend of his owned it for about 8 years before that.

Anyway, shortly after I had the bus shipped out to me I was really checking it out. The belly pans and undercariage is solid, but I noticed ther front two center pieces on the front member were folded back and bent back up. I just thought someone did some shady repairs to the clutch cable or choke cable etc. So I went and folded back the metal and found a little more than what VW intended to be, the belly pans were packed with marjuana, about 14 lbs. of it…”

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Everyone needs a hobby

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…Les Stewart has done something very bizarre.

In fact, he has done something so strange that nine years after the Mudjimba resident finished doing it, he is still getting notoriety…

He spent 15 years, from 1983 to 1998, typing out all of the numbers from one to one million (in letters not numerals), simply because he “wanted something to do.”

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Lucky Duck Pig


A pig had a lucky escape after firefighters rescued it from a drain.The pig had become lodged near the banks of the River Hamble at Fairthorne Manor in Curbridge, Hampshire, reports the Daily Mirror.

Rescue teams battle to save the pig trapped down a drain /PA pics

The fire crew working with a vet and RSPCA officers managed to pull it out despite the clinging mud and brought her round with a refreshing drink of water.

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Dangerous game

Two Swiss students on holiday played frisbee with an object they found on a beach unaware it was a live land mine. Lukas Aider, 20, and Christoph Kurz, 19, took a plunge in the Danube river in Budapest when they found the mine and began their potentially lethal game.

A lifeguard watching stopped them and immediately called the police. A bomb squad then arrived to make safe what turned out to be an old Soviet 6 kilogrammes [nearly 14 pounds] anti-tank mine.

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