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Never too late for school?


A 102-year-old Belgian woman has been sent a letter by local council officials confirming she has a place in the local primary school. Stephania Marien, a widow living in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, said she was more than a little surprised when she read it.

She contacted local authorities who admitted they had made a mistake.

She said: “I have heard of second childhood but was still surprised when the letter arrived and said I should get ready to start school soon. I had enough of school last time and there is no way I want to do it again.”

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Topless car wash


Men who queued up for a topless car wash in the New York got a bit of a shock to find the washers were men. Young women lured drivers in to the car wash in Shirley, Long Island, but once inside it was shirtless male firefighters washing the cars.

Drivers who paid $5 to have their cars washed had the consolation that all of the money raised went to local charities.

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Rainy day boater



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So who needs arms?


A Spanish paralympic swimmer with no arms today swam across the Strait of Gibraltar between Spain and Morocco.

Nadi Vidal, 32, trained for the event for five months and traversed the 18km stretch in six hours and 20 minutes. Vidal lost his left arm and half of his right arm at the age of six when he accidentally touched a high-voltage wire, the MAP domestic news agency said.

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Crime Tip: Don’t leave marijuana pictures on your phone

Tipster, Cell Phone Photos Lead To Pot Bust

Taking pictures of your marijuana growing operation with you cell phone, leaving them on the phone and then losing the phone, is probably not a good idea, especially if a good Samaritan finds the phone and turns it in to the cops.

Peter Ste. Marie of Troy, Vermont, the owner of the phone, admitted to growing about 20 plants for his “personal use” but denied having any intent to sell. The judge must have believed him. He was released on $100 bail.

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