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Concrete wall of reactor versus F-4 Jet: and the winner is…

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I can’t drive. I have no legs.

Two [Wisconsin} men, driving the same pickup truck [at the same time], have been cited for driving drunk in central Wisconsin.

Police stopped their truck in Abbotsford, Wis. recently and found 43-year-old Harvey Miller was steering the truck. Miller has no legs.

Officers say 55-year-old Edwin Marzinske was operating the gas pedals and brake. The police report says Miller admitted he was too drunk to drive, but argued he wasn’t actually operating the truck because he couldn’t push the gas pedal. Officers disagreed…

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World’s first automated restaurant. Well, except for the Automat.

Diners at a restaurant in the German city of Nuremberg are saving on tips because there are no waiters.

In what is being billed as the world’s first fully-automated eatery, customers at Baggers order their food by typing on a touch-screen at the table. Food is then delivered to them via a mini-railway running down from the kitchen in the roof to the dining room.


How do you pay? They take your credit card first.

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Uh Oh!

A Chinese wife has cut her husband’s right hand off because of his internet addiction.

Jiang Ming of Chengdu city promised his wife, He Ling, that he would not go on the internet anymore and would spend more time at home to take care of their newborn son. But after a short time he started to sneak into nearby internet cafes again to have video chats with girls.

“I was on the internet, and suddenly felt a numbness in my right hand. The arrow on the screen stopped moving,” says Jiang Ming. “Then I found that my right hand was on the mouse pad, and blood was shooting out.”

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Wedding Bells


A famous hairy man in China calls himself King Kong and is to get married at the end of this year.

Yu Zhenghuan, 30, nicknamed himself King Kong after watching the American Movie.
Monkey Man /Lu Feng

“I feel King Kong is a true man, strong and doing everything for the woman he loves,” says Yu. “At this point, I am like him.”

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