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Crime Tip: Change your shirt if you get spaghetti on it

Ananovaspaghetti_carbonara.jpgA German hit and run driver who caused an accident while tucking into a spaghetti carbonara was caught out hours later by the stains on his shirt. Police found bits of the takeaway meal in the car owned by Jens Martin, 28, which had ploughed into two other parked cars in Goerwihl in south-east Germany.Officers who turned up at his house just hours after the crash found he still had stains from the meal on his shirt and even had a piece of spaghetti in his hair.A police spokesman said: “He tried to claim the car had been stolen but the food matched up. It appears he had been eating it in the car at the time of the accident.”

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All the nutty politicians aren’t in the US

Water ?Regulars at a London park have been left bemused by the construction of a fountain with no water.The replica was built to replace the original Victorian water feature in Peckham Rye Park in South London using a £2 million Heritage Lottery Fund grant. But Council officials explained that the pink granite fake copy was not intended to be plugged into the water supply, reports the Daily Mirror.Southwark’s environment chief Lisa Rajan insisted: “The re-creation was never intended as a working fountain. It was designed as a monument to what was originally there in Victorian times, as required by the Heritage Lottery Fund.”But park user Neil Slattery: “I think they’ve missed the point – isn’t the main feature of a fountain supposed to be water? Who on earth would go to all the trouble of putting in a fountain then not having water come out? It absolutely beggars belief – what a waste of money.”

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This woman’s a pro — not smart, but a pro

BBC NEWS | UKA 43 year old woman in Northern Ireland is serving her 31st prison sentence. The woman, who is currently imprisoned at Hydebank Wood on an assault charge, is Northern Ireland’s fourth most ‘prolific’ prisoner.New Prison Service figures show that only three other inmates, all male, have been in and out of prison more frequently.

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Dog hair? Does it smell funny when it rains?

 dog hairA German woman has started a business making clothes for customers from the hair of their pet dogs. Bettina Menkhoff, 50, from Stoetze in Germany makes scarves, gloves and other clothes and sells them over the internet at http://www.jolly-fellows.de.She said: “I got the idea after I bought a pair of socks made from Bobtail-wool. I have four Beardie-Collies myself and started to yarn their hair. It only works when the hair is longer than four centimetres though.”I regularly brush my dogs and keep the hair for processing. It’s warmer than sheep wool.”

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Record diamond

Record diamondMiners in South Africa claim they have unearthed the biggest diamond in the world. The giant 7,000 carat jewel is said to be the size of a coconut and worth at least £15million, reports the Daily Mirror.Weighing in at 4lbs and is more than twice the size of the previous biggest diamond – the Cullinan, discovered in 1905.

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