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Crime Tip: Change your shirt if you get spaghetti on it

Ananovaspaghetti_carbonara.jpgA German hit and run driver who caused an accident while tucking into a spaghetti carbonara was caught out hours later by the stains on his shirt. Police found bits of the takeaway meal in the car owned by Jens Martin, 28, which had ploughed into two other parked cars in Goerwihl in south-east Germany.Officers who turned up at his house just hours after the crash found he still had stains from the meal on his shirt and even had a piece of spaghetti in his hair.A police spokesman said: “He tried to claim the car had been stolen but the food matched up. It appears he had been eating it in the car at the time of the accident.”

August 29, 2007 - Posted by | Dumb Crook, Food

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