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Crematorium damaged by fire. Poetic? Ironic, at least.

More at Yahoo! News

Israel’s only commercial crematorium, viewed by Orthodox Jews as an abomination, was severely damaged in a suspicious fire Wednesday, just hours after its secret location was revealed in a religious newspaper.


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A worthy cause

Moustached men of America fight back – Telegraph


Campaigning against what they say is widespread and unacceptable discrimination in the workplace and society, the American Moustache Institute (AMI) is vowing to restore well-tended facial hair to the noble status it enjoyed in the Seventies.

The institute is now dedicated to fighting to create a “climate of acceptance and understanding” for all moustached Americans…

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For the person who has everything…

Link (so you can buy a tube) Remember not to lick your lips.


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Paper boat


Artist Frank Boelter set sails in his lifesize paper boat as he leaves a shipyard in Lauenburg, Germany.

He constructed the 9-metre vessel from ‘Tetrapack’ and fearlessly sailed it up the Elbe, despite the fact the light material is more commonly used for packaging milk.

The 37-year-old artist came up with the idea one breakfast time, while he was sitting at his kitchen table fiddling with an empty milk carton, which he cut up and made into a scaled-down model.

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Strange laws

Link to Times Online

There are some very strange laws on the books. Here’s a few examples. There’s more at the link above.

It is illegal for a cab in the City of London to carry rabid dogs or corpses.

It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament.

It is an act of treason to place a postage stamp bearing the British monarch upside down.

In France, it is forbidden to call a pig Napoleon.

In Miami, Florida, it is illegal to skateboard in a police station.

In Florida, unmarried women who parachute on Sundays can be jailed.

In Kentucky, it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon more than six-feet long.

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Beijing flyboys


To help Beijing present a spotless image at next year’s Olympics, a pair of farmers are trying to rid China’s capital of flies.

Guo Zhanqi and Ji Guijun have been staking out parks and public washrooms to target the flies’ breeding grounds, the state-run China Daily reported Saturday. The two have videotaped flies to better understand their prey and have offered to buy flies dead or alive at 25 U.S. cents apiece, the report said.

Their goal, the report said, is eradicating 80 per cent of Beijing’s insects before next August’s games. Ji has also submitted designs for an “ecological toilet” to replace the often filthy public latrines where insects breed, the report said.

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Darn those foreign slugs!

The Sun Online

A horrified camper woke up dripping in blood β€” as a vicious slug chewed his head. John Wilson thought a wasp had stung him and shrieked when he pulled the brown slimer off his brow. It had left puncture wounds as it gnawed his skin with 27,000 tiny teeth.

John, 38, said yesterday: β€œIt was like something from a horror story. Never in my worst nightmares did I dream I would find my forehead being eaten by a slug.” The lecturer, of Acton, West London, was on a fishing trip to Papercourt Lake near Esher, Surrey. Experts said it was probably a foreign slug with longer teeth.

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Traffic jams aren’t new. This is New York City, pre-car.


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Wanta go for a swim?

Weird Deep-Sea Creatures Found in Atlantic With a fearsome grin fit for a movie monster, this viperfish is a real-life predator that lurks in one of the world’s most remote locations.

An international team of 31 researchers found this and other strange animals while exploring the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, an underwater mountain range that runs from Iceland to the Azores islands west of Portugal

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Dang straight I want fries with that.


Normally, a 40-year-old sandwich would be something to be avoided. Unless you’re one of millions who flock to McDonald’s each year to chow down on a Big Mac. The triple-decker burger, which helped breed America’s super-size culture and restaurants’ ever-expanding jumbo meals, is turning 40. For some fast-food junkies, that’s cause for celebration.

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I don’t think Her Majesty wants any, thank you.


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Dang bees! That’ll show ’em!

AM 900

A Burlington [Canada] man is homeless after being on the losing end of a fight with a swarm of bees.

The man was smoking on the back porch of his home on Ontario Street Tuesday evening, when the bees flew out of the eaves trough…

He flicked his cigarette at the bees, but it lodged in the eaves trough and ignited the leaves and twigs. A fire eventually gutted the home, causing 60-thousand dollars in damage.

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Man gives finger to Japanese Prime Minister — literally

A Japanese man has been arrested after he sent his severed little finger to the country’s prime minister.

Yoshihiro Tanjo, 54, a leader of a right-wing group, filmed himself as he cut off the top part of his finger and included the DVD and a protest letter in his package to Shinzo Abe.

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Never too late for school?


A 102-year-old Belgian woman has been sent a letter by local council officials confirming she has a place in the local primary school. Stephania Marien, a widow living in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, said she was more than a little surprised when she read it.

She contacted local authorities who admitted they had made a mistake.

She said: “I have heard of second childhood but was still surprised when the letter arrived and said I should get ready to start school soon. I had enough of school last time and there is no way I want to do it again.”

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Topless car wash


Men who queued up for a topless car wash in the New York got a bit of a shock to find the washers were men. Young women lured drivers in to the car wash in Shirley, Long Island, but once inside it was shirtless male firefighters washing the cars.

Drivers who paid $5 to have their cars washed had the consolation that all of the money raised went to local charities.

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Rainy day boater



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So who needs arms?


A Spanish paralympic swimmer with no arms today swam across the Strait of Gibraltar between Spain and Morocco.

Nadi Vidal, 32, trained for the event for five months and traversed the 18km stretch in six hours and 20 minutes. Vidal lost his left arm and half of his right arm at the age of six when he accidentally touched a high-voltage wire, the MAP domestic news agency said.

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Crime Tip: Don’t leave marijuana pictures on your phone

Tipster, Cell Phone Photos Lead To Pot Bust

Taking pictures of your marijuana growing operation with you cell phone, leaving them on the phone and then losing the phone, is probably not a good idea, especially if a good Samaritan finds the phone and turns it in to the cops.

Peter Ste. Marie of Troy, Vermont, the owner of the phone, admitted to growing about 20 plants for his “personal use” but denied having any intent to sell. The judge must have believed him. He was released on $100 bail.

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You want fries with that?

Potato park

potato.gif Officials in a Croatian town have started work on a new park dedicated to the humble potato. It will include potato plant flower beds, a potato themed play park for children with swings and slides shaped like potatoes, and information plaques explaining about the different varieties of potato for visitors.

The potato was chosen as the theme of the park in Belica after it was nominated by the powerful local farmers union. It beat off competition from war heroes from World War I and II, as well as the The War of Independence.

A potato monument has already been erected.

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I hope she went out and bought a lottery ticket

Yahoo! News

Dropping something may have saved Joy Horton’s life. The 73-year-old woman was preparing some food in her western New York home on Monday morning when she dropped a spoon on the floor of her kitchen. When she bent down, her house exploded.

The explosion leveled her home in the Wayne County town of Sodus, on Lake Ontario about 25 miles east of Rochester. Horton wasn’t seriously injured. She crawled out from underneath the rubble and walked to her daughter’s home nearby to get help.

Fire officials said that because Horton was bending down when the explosion occurred, the kitchen sink and counter top helped keep debris from hitting her.

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