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Comfy in there? Back home in a coffin

home in coffin

A Romanian builder who injured his back travelled hundreds of miles home in a coffin. Mitev Jordanov had been working in a village in Macedonia when the accident happened.

After a few days in hospital doctors told him he could go home, but that he could only be transported lying flat on his back.

Under local laws ambulances can only be used to transport people whose life is in serious danger. Taxi drivers also refused to take him saying they were not insured for such jobs. So Mitev’s boss borrowed a hearse from a friend who runs an undertakers and put him in a coffin and drove him back to Romania.

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Kids yoga must be a tool of the Devil. Nah.


A toddler group has been thrown out of a church hall because its yoga lessons are considered un-Christian. Teacher Louise Woodcock, 41, was told her classes would affect children’s spiritual life.

She was also warned that it was unlikely that any Christian organisation would host them, reports the Daily Mirror.

Mum-of-one Louise said: “It’s crazy. It is kids pretending to be animals and doing exercise to rhymes. There is nothing that could damage their minds. Yoga is non-religious and has been around for thousands of years. My 22-month-old Summer loves it.”

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Where are you?

Every now and again I like to see where you all are. Fortunately the counter I use makes that easy. Here’s a chart that shows your countries and percentages.


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Lego Dragon

This beautiful dragon is built entirely of Lego blocks — one million of them — and took 2,200 hours. There’s more here.

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