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Woman’s viewpoint (Thanks, Katherine!)


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A new definition for “scum bag”

via Yahoo! News
A man has been charged with extorting more than $20,000 from his elderly mother by repeatedly threatening to kidnap her beloved cat and demanding ransom, police said.

Garry Lamar, 47, was arrested Friday and released on $200 bail. He has been ordered to stay away from his 78-year-old mother, Mary Lamar Grancher.

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Biggest birdie this golfer ever had

Birdie via Yahoo! News
Every golfer likes a birdie, even more so an eagle. But an emu? The big bird that showed up Tuesday at Oaksridge Golf Course was another matter, at least for [one pair of golfers.]

The flightless bird, second in size among avians to the ostrich, followed the pair for seven of their nine holes, watching each swing and sometimes walking between them or standing directly in front of them. The emu seemed to take special interest in McMeekin’s red fleece jacket.

“It was strange,” [one] said. “She’s awful big and she made me nervous.”

Emus, natives of Australia, can grow to more than 5 feet and 100 pounds and are capable of running as fast as 30 mph.

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The buffalo died

Scotsman.com News

Three people were hurt when a water buffalo called William Shakespeare escaped from a field in Cumbria and ran into the path of cars on a main road, police said on Tuesday. Firefighters cut a 19-year-old driver from the wreck of his Fiat Punto after he collided with the beast.

A police spokeswoman said the driver was treated in hospital for minor injuries.


Two other people were injured when the cars they were driving collided when they swerved to avoid the buffalo collision.

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Don’t mess with her boy. She’s got an axe. And a crowbar.

The Local

A woman turned up [at] a school in Sweden on Monday armed with an axe and a crowbar, reportedly to defend her bullied son.

The woman arrived [at] Osbeck Gymnasium School in Laholm, southern Sweden, at lunchtime on Monday, following a call from her son. He had been subjected to taunts by some of his classmates. Exactly what caused the argument is not yet clear.

By the time police arrived at the scene the mother had disappeared. Police…later caught up with the mother and interviewed her and a number of the pupils.

“This was, of course, an unsettling incident for us, particularly as somebody went so far as to bring a crowbar and an axe,” [said] headmaster Bernt Karlsson…


Yeah. It would be a bit “unsettling” I guess.

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Pub crawl in a hearse — complete with corpse

More at Ananova

Two South African men have been arrested for going on a drinking spree in a stolen hearse with a body in the back.

The men were caught in Soweto after the hearse ran out of petrol, reports the BBC…

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Brides dress recycling…nifty


A Norfolk woman has become the sixth bride in her family to wear the same wedding dress since 1910…The dress made its debut in America at her great grandmother Pauline Fithians wedding in 1910. It was last worn by mum Lucy in 1975.

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