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“Man arrested for Cheetos assault”— Wait! “assault” with Cheetos?

AnanovaA 22-year-old man has been arrested in the US for assaulting his father with a bag of Cheetos.Patrick Hamman, who lives with his father in Iowa, picked up a bag of Cheetos and threw it at him during an argument. The bag hit Michael on the glasses, causing a cut to the bridge of his nose, the Des Moines Register reported.The police report, which listed the bag of Cheetos as an assault weapon, said: “Michael’s T-shirt was also covered in Cheeto’s dust.”

September 6, 2007 - Posted by | Dumb Stuff

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  1. Our tax dollars hard at work.


    NO, dont chase the drug dealer, we got Cheetos crimes to solve.

    Comment by Mike | September 7, 2007

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