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Angry with someone? Sit down and think about the problem.

Thanks, Paula.

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Floor it, Zeke!!

in a tractor?

A [UK] farmer’s son who was being chased by police tried to outrun the officers’ car – in a tractor. Drunken Thomas Kirkham refused to stop the tractor, which was pulling a plough, despite police pursuing him with flashing blue lights and twice pulling alongside him ordering him to stop, a court heard.The pursuit, along roads in Tyldesley, ended with Kirkham driving the tractor off-road by smashing through a fence and into a field. Police eventually had to spray CS gas in his face to get him out of the tractor

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A natural mistake. Pickles look a lot like Anthrax.

Oddly Enough | ReutersA Malaysian diplomat has apologized to the Iraqi government after he mistook a box of sweet pickles sent to him as Ramadan gift for anthrax powder, a newspaper said on Saturday…He had received the gift sent to his office on September 13. When he opened the box at his house later that day he only saw white powder. Fearing it might be anthrax powder, he placed the parcel outside his house and called the police. When police examined the parcel the next day, they found it contained only sweet pickles. The powder was sugar sprinkled on top to preserve them, the newspaper said.

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Nothing like a good scrub

Ananova An air passenger in China shocked cabin crews when they found him taking a sponge bath in the toilet.Passengers on the flight from Nanning to Chongqing complained that the man was spending too much time in the toilet. An air attendant knocked on the door, and then noticed water flowing out from underneath it, reports the Chongqing Morning News.”We had to open the door with a key, and saw that the man was half naked,” said the attendant. “When he saw me, he said he was bathing, and asked me if I had some shampoo.”The man, Jin Sheng, said it was his first time on a plane. “I discovered the bathroom had hot water, so I thought of taking a bath, since I hadn’t had one for nearly a week,” he explained.The airline could not punish or charge Jin, as there is nothing in the regulations to prohibit passengers from having a mid-flight bath……………………….I bet there soon will be… 

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Who’s minding the hens?

A Cornish egg farm has recruited two Peruvian alpacas to act as security guards for their hens.The animals, named William and Harry, keep predators away from speciality egg producer Clarence Court’s hens near Camborne, reports Sky News.Peruvian alpacas William and Henry /PA picsThe Huacaya alpaca are said to be fiercely defensive of their feathered brood.Clarence Court director Lisa Rowe said: “Alpacas are extensively used in Australia and New Zealand to safeguard sheep because they will protect them with their lives.

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