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You can’t make this stuff up

More (and picture) at the Daily Mail

As the hostess of a dinner party, Susannah Kendrick was already fully stretched keeping her guests entertained and the kitchen situation under control. But she then proceeded to give an entirely new meaning to multi-tasking.

The 29-year-old teacher – who was eight-and-a-half months pregnant – had already served the starters. Then, as she prepared to present the main course – a home-made lamb curry – she felt her first contraction.

And just eight minutes later, after three pushes, little Trinity was born weighing 6lb 1oz.

But Mrs Kendrick hadn’t forgotten her duties as a hostess. As she was taken to hospital as a precaution, she yelled: “The rhubarb crumble’s in the fridge!”


The headline from the Daily Mail: Dinner party hostess gives birth between courses and cries: ‘The rhubarb crumble’s in the fridge!’

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First you get a really big pumpkin…

Then you hollow it out, sit in it and paddle like crazy. Or at least you do if you want to compete in the pumpkin canoe race at the German Pumpkin Festival.


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Crime tip: Obey the traffic laws, idiot.

Seattle Times Newspaper

Driving 11 miles over the speed limit cost one driver more than a quarter-million dollars this weekend — at least for now.

A State Patrol trooper spotted a Honda Accord speeding southbound on Interstate 5 [near Seattle] on Friday, according to State Patrol spokesman Jeff Merrill. It was raining, and the driver was cruising down the freeway at 71 mph. So the trooper pulled the driver over, Merrill said.

The 35-year-old from British Columbia, who had a valid driver’s license, struggled to tell the trooper where he was going and how long he had been in Washington, prompting the trooper to search his car, Merrill said. The trooper found two suitcases in the trunk — one filled with $276,640 in cash. The driver claimed he won the stacks of dollar bills at 23 casinos in Washington, California and Nevada, but he was unable to produce any receipts, according to Merrill.

The money was confiscated as the State Patrol investigates the incident. Merrill said if it is determined the man obtained the money legally it will be returned to him.


Dollar bills? Casinos paid him over a quarter million in dollar bills? I don’t think so. Can you spell “courier”, boys and girls?

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Baboon Goons

WCAU | Philadelphia

A criminal gang being blamed for countless burglaries, thefts and vandalism in South Africa is made up entirely of baboons. Residents of Cape Peninsula said the gang is at least 350 baboons strong.

The reason there’s so many is that they are the country’s last colony of coastal baboons and are a protected species.

The creatures have learned to break into houses and to open car doors. Once inside a home, they generally head straight for the refrigerator where they take what they want and leave behind a big mess.

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Ananova – Couple’s naked ambition

Naked ambition

A Bedfordshire couple are braving the elements by attempting to climb nearly 300 mountains – naked. The naturists, known only as Stuart and Karla, want to reach the peak of Scotland’s 284 Munros, which are mountains more than 3,000ft high.

So far, they have conquered 15 and keep a record of their progress – complete with photos of them naked and cold – on website http://www.nakedmunros.com.

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Become famous overnight! Vomit live on air!

vomits live on air

A Swedish television presenter has become a hit on YouTube after she vomited live on air but continued with the show. So far, nearly 250,000 people have watched Eva Nazemson’s display of professionalism on the video sharing site.

Nazemson was hosting a late night phone-in game show on TV4 Plus when she suddenly become ill, reports Metro.

As a male caller tried to solve a word puzzle, Nazemson quickly turned her head to one side and vomited. She disappeared off screen for a few seconds but quickly reappeared to continue with the phone-in.

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The yellow windbreaker probably wasn’t a good idea…

convict at police party

An escaped convict has been recaptured in Taiwan – at a barbecue party organised at the local police station.

Police in Xinzhu city invited residents to celebrate the Moon Festival with them. But officers could not believe their eyes when they saw an escaped drug dealer called Chen, who had just been listed as one of the citys most wanted criminals, at the party.

Police officer Cai Zhengtong, who was in charge of the barbecue, said: “I saw a man dressed in an eye-catching yellow windbreaker enter the place and sit in the corner. He was enjoying the barbecue with the others. I really couldn’t believe my eyes, since the man was just the criminal we were seeking.”

Police at the party quickly arrested Chen. He told officers he thought it would have been the last place police would have thought of looking for him.

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