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Cut-out cop, meant to deter crime, has been stolen.

Cut-out cop

A thief has stolen a life-size cardboard cut-out of a policeman that was intended to deter shoplifters at a supermarket.

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That’s some spicy sauce!

sauce evacuates Soho

A Thai restaurant’s spicy chili sauce sparked fears of a chemical attack and led police to evacuate a busy London street. Police closed off three roads and evacuated homes as a mysterious cloud of acrid smoke hovered over Soho for three hours, reports The Times.

Firefighters wearing special breathing apparatus traced the smell to a Thai restaurant, broke in the door and carried out a “huge” cooking pot containing nine pounds of smouldering dried chilis.

“Chef Chalemchai Tangjariyapoon said: ‘I was making a spicy dip with extra-hot chillies that are deliberately burnt. I can understand why people who weren’t Thai would not know what it was. But it doesn’t smell like chemicals. I’m a bit confused.’ “

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