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Have elephants been looking at you strangely?


New Scientist

Elephants can sniff out human friends from foe, suggests a new study which shows the big mammals can recognise the smells and clothing of different ethnic groups.

African bush elephants (Loxodonta africana) in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park flee from the scents and colours of clothing worn by Masai warriors, but are not bothered nearly as much by the scent or sight of garments worn by local farmers.

The findings may be the best evidence yet that animals apart from humans can differentiate groups of individuals within other species.

“They are defining groups that pose different levels of risk within the human species,” says Lucy Bates at the University of St Andrews, UK. “This is the most sophisticated level of group identification within species for any animal other than people.”

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Tortoise GPS tracker


An animal lover was so fed up with looking for her tortoises she has fitted them with a tracker device.

Tortoise /Ext

Jane Williams, who runs a tortoise sanctuary from her home in Colchester, uses a handheld scanner to hunt down her 60 animals, reports the East Anglian Daily Times.

The tracker device is attached to their shells with a removable sticky pad.

Ms Williams said: “I think they are absolutely fantastic. Contrary to popular belief tortoises can actually move quite fast. They are real escape artists. They can climb walls, hide in bushes and bury themselves. We find them in all sorts of unusual places. It is amazing how difficult it can be to find them.”

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Man waits for death in grave


Hundreds of people are flocking to a remote village in eastern India to catch a glimpse of an old man who has spent six years lying inside his own grave waiting to die as he mourns for his wife, officials said.

Basanta Roy claims he is 103 and spends his day clearing weeds from the grave and lying in it.

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Dumb Crook caught by his own CCTV

BBC NEWS | Scotland
An Edinburgh shop supervisor staged a robbery at his work – only to be caught out by the stores own CCTV camera.

John Tait got friend Christopher McGirr to beat him up before he stole more than £3,300 from the safe at Scotmid in Calder Road on 24 July last year.

Tait, 21, who was found bleeding, said he had been attacked and robbed.

However, he and McGirr, 20, later admitted staging the robbery. They will be sentenced at Edinburgh Sheriff Court next month.

The court heard that when police checked CCTV footage they saw Tait opening the shop on his day off and going in with McGirr.

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