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Rattling good pair of jeans

A pair of jeans has been recreated using over 3000 drinks cans.

A sculpture in the shape of a pair of jeans made from around 3,000 drink cans outside a shopping mall in Xiamen, in China's eastern Fujian Province /PA pics.

The five-metre pair of pants has been built outside a shopping centre in China.

Minghui Plaza in Xiamen city is offering shoppers the chance to guess how many cans were used to build the display.

As a prize the winner will receive 365 cans of coke, reports Southeastern Express.

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Worse than making hand prints…

German police had to rescue a driver after he moved out of the way to allow a police car with flashing lights to pass, and got stuck in setting concrete.

The car stuck in concrete on the A1 motorway near Ratekau in Northern Germany /CEN

Hans-Peter Wagner, 62, was driving on the A1 motorway near Ratekau in Northern Germany when he saw police flashing to get past him in his rear view mirror.

He instantly made way and pulled over but went straight into a stretch of road that had just been freshly concreted.

His car was later pulled out of the concrete by traffic cops.

Wagner said: “It looked like a regular road, and I didn’t see it was wet concrete.”

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