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Your diet has more protein than you knew…if you count the fly heads


How about a little rat hair with your peanut butter? A fly head with your macaroni and cheese? Though it may sound disgusting, these things and other gross filth the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) calls “natural contaminants” are indeed allowed and present in your food.

In fact, so common are these contaminants that the FDA has published a booklet detailing the so-called “Food Defect Action Levels,” which were needed, according to the FDA, ” … because it is economically impractical to grow, harvest, or process raw products that are totally free of non-hazardous, naturally occurring, unavoidable defects…”

Think insect parts and rodent hairs are more of a rarity? Think again. A University of Ohio fact sheet estimates that we eat from one to two pounds of insects each year…

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Clean sweep

New brooms


A Chinese city has introduced a new street-cleaning machine, composed of a tractor and more than a dozen bamboo brooms.

The street cleaner, spotted by tourists in Qinghuangdao city, Hebei province, is a great source of amusement.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but it was really cleaning the street”, said a passer-by.

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Harry Potter fan + traffic cone = Oops!

the Daily Mail


To Charlie Thomas, it must have seemed like a wizard idea.

Spotting a discarded traffic cone, the imaginative three-year-old immediately saw its potential as an impromptu Harry Potter outfit. But after placing it carefully on his head to show his family, the magic soon disappeared.

The plastic cone became firmly stuck and despite the best efforts of the toddler’s parents, it refused to budge. Perhaps a Potter-style cry of ‘Expelliarmus!’ might have helped. But in the end they had to call the fire brigade – and it took a crew of six half an hour to release Charlie using cutting tools and pliers.


PS: He’s fine.

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You could say these elephants got fried…twice

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A herd of 40 Indian elephants which quaffed rice wine, “went berserk” as a result and rampaged round a village looking for food, suffered six fatalities after toppling an electricity pole, the West Australian reports.

According to state wildlife official Sunil Kumar, the drunken pachyderm electrocution incident took place last Friday in Chandan Nukat, a village some 240km west of Meghalaya state’s capital Shillong. Kumar said: “There would have been more casualties had the villagers not chased them away.”


Holy cow! Imagine 40 drunken elephants dashing and thrashing around your neighborhood. Scary!

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Not all dumb crooks are in the U.S.

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An Australian “lawyer” is part of a gang of six up before Southwark Crown Court accused of attempting to convince the Bank of England to honour a breathtaking £28bn…in moody £1,000 and £500,000 notes, AFP reports.

The cunning plan centred on an “avalanche” of fake £1k bills and 360 so-called “special issue” £500k denominations. The former were withdrawn from circulation in 1943, with just 63 examples unaccounted for, while the latter never existed.

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