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This little pig got a statue…then they made sausage

Monument to a pig

A monument to a pig has been unveiled in a Russian region famous for its sausages.

Nikolay Astanin, general director of the local meat industry in Kalach, close to the south western city of Voronezh, said: “We wanted to thank this wonderful animal for all it has given to the area.” The giant meat processing plants in Kalach were opened this week 80 years ago.

The monument in Kalach is Russia’s first dedicated to a pig.

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Wicca school

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A Wiccan High Priest plans to open his own private version of Hogwarts with the lottery prize he won…some $49 million. He claims to have won the lottery after promising “Powers” that he would use any winnings to teach full time. Various other spiritual traditions will also be taught at the school.

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116-year-old orange

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A dried-up orange from the lunchbox of a miner fatally injured on the day he was due to eat it has gone on display in a Staffordshire museum. The fruit belonged to Joseph Roberts who was injured in an explosion at a Stoke-on-Trent colliery in 1891. [Mr. Roberts died in hospital.]

It had been kept by his family but has been donated to the Potteries Museum. Spokeswoman Deb Klemperer said it may just be a piece of dried fruit but the story behind it made it an amazing piece for the museum.

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Attention New Jersey Gourmands: It’s OK to eat squirrels again


In January, the Garden State warned hunters and residents near a toxic waste dump in Ringwood in North Jersey to limit their consumption of squirrel after the feds thought they found lead in a dead squirrel. Officials now say it was a false alarm.

The Environmental Protection Agency said a blender used to process the squirrel’s tissue samples was defective – and that the lead believed to be in the squirrel actually came from a part of the blender.

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Crime tip: When fleeing the scene remember to take your pants

6abc.comPolice in West Bend, Wisconsin, report a homeowner found an intruder and struggled with the man early the other morning. During the scuffle, the crook lost his pants and ran away wearing only a hooded sweat shirt and red boxers. Police say they found the pants-less perp hiding in some tall grass in nearby woods.

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