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Sitting pretty

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A Berlin student who bought a second-hand sofa bed at a flea market learned she had been sitting on a small fortune when she found a baroque painting hidden inside the couch.

The artwork fetched 19,200 euros (about $30,000) in Hamburg after the student discovered it stashed between the folding sections of the couch she had paid 150 euros for last year, the auctioneers said on Tuesday.

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There’s no place like home…even if it’s a jail cell

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A former Australian prisoner liked his jail cell so much he has decided to buy it.

Graeme Alford, who spent several years in Melbourne’s former Pentridge prison for embezzlement and armed robbery in the 1970s, will buy his old cell, number 43, as part of a commercial redevelopment of the jail, local media reported on Wednesday.

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No license? No pumpkin stall.

Hallowe’en pumpkin stall

Police have closed down three young children’s Hallowe’en pumpkin stall – because they did not have a traders’ licence. Dad Justin Sanford, 35, helped Robin, seven, Jack, four, and Benjamin, three, set up their stand on a rural road near their home in South Wiltshire.

They wanted to raise money to buy costumes to go trick or treating, reports The Sun. But they were shocked when two Police Community Support Officers pulled over and threatened them with a fine if they didn’t shut up shop.

Justin said: “When I saw the police pulling up I feared the worst and thought something awful had happened. When one of the officers turned to me and said ‘we have some bad news’ I naturally thought a loved one had been killed. But I couldn’t believe it when I was told my kids were breaking the law by selling pumpkins without a license.”


Once again ever vigilant police work in the UK narrowly averts a horrendous crime. Just imagine…kids selling pumpkins without a license. Shocking!

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Crime tip: Don’t turn on that stolen GPS tracker unit

The Courier-Mail

It might be the easiest arrest Mt Ommaney [Australia] police have ever made. One man has been charged with robbery after he was tracked by a satellite navigation system he had stolen [when he] inadvertently alerted police to his exact whereabouts.

The bust led police to recover tens of thousands [of dollars] of stolen equipment taken in what appeared to be sophisticated heists.

“Sophisticated”? How sophisticated do you have to be to stick your head up and call out “Yoo Hoo, Officer! Here I am.”

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