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Go-kart driver eludes police cars…seven of them

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A teenager speeding through a German town in a go-kart with seven squad cars in hot pursuit managed to give the frustrated officers the slip, police said on Friday.

After leading the convoy on a…3-mile… chase through the winding streets of Moenchengladbach, the 18-year-old driver spotted a private garage with an open door, where he decided to lie low, police said.

“We were chasing him across town, but the squad cars couldn’t keep up because the go-kart was able to take the corners faster and he was able to get away,” police spokesman Willy Thevissen said.

However, police later discovered his hiding place. He was questioned and charged with driving without a licence and driving a go-kart on a public street, which is not permitted in Germany.


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This could open a can of worms: Pole sues Germany for 1944 injuries


A 69-year-old man in the Baltic city of Gdansk is suing Germany for injuries reportedly inflicted by Wermacht soldiers in occupied Poland in 1944.

Winicjusz Natoniewski filed a legal claim against Germany seeking $383,000 in damages for injuries he received during World War II when he was 6 years old in his native village of Lublewo, near Leby, in northeastern Poland, the Polish daily Fakt said Friday.

This is believed to be the first time that a Polish national has sued Germany and also first time that a foreign state has been…sued in Poland, the Serbian news agency Beta reported.

Beta quoted Polish international experts as saying Natoniewski has a good chance to win the case.

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Not exactly a crook but dumb anyway

St. Petersburg Times

An Iowa man, apparently in town for a wedding, was arrested late Thursday after a hotel bartender spotted him naked and fondling himself on the beach, police said.

Matthew Berns, 35, of Burlington, Iowa, was arrested after he tried to escape authorities by jumping into the Gulf of Mexico and swimming away. Clearwater Fire Rescue officials, working with the U.S. Coast Guard, worked for more than two hours to persuade Berns to board a rescue vessel.


Wait a minute…how far did yoy say it is across the Gulf of Mexico?

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Sign seen in passing…


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Tightrope pickup act

tightrope pickup


A Chinese man has driven his pick-up truck more than 200 metres on two steel cables 20 metres high.

It took Liu Suozhu of Korla city, Xinjiang, 15 minutes to drive from one hill to another on the twin tightrope wires. “I just wanted to do something special,” he told the Tianshan Network.


He’s not completely nuts…note the safety wires on the four corners of the truck.

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They fined the wrong guy


A Belgian man who stopped an old woman being crushed in train doors as she got onto a train was handed a £40 pound fine for causing a delay.

Daniel Dewulf from Ostend was given the fine by a conductor after he pulled open the train doors after they closed on the elderly lady as she tried to get on. He said: “I heard the conductor’s whistle just as I got on the train and then realised someone else was trying to get on. The doors had closed on the elderly woman, trapping her. In order to prevent a tragedy I pushed the door open and helped her get in. She thanked me profusely. But the conductor gave me a fine because he said my actions increased the chance of a delay. He wasn’t interested when I tried to explain to him that I had only opened the doors to try and save an old woman’s life.”

Belgian Railways has now apologized to Dewulf and a spokesman said: “We should have fined the woman in question for boarding the train after the whistle.”


The one who should have been fined, maybe even fired, is the conductor who started the train while the woman was boarding.

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Your diet has more protein than you knew…if you count the fly heads


How about a little rat hair with your peanut butter? A fly head with your macaroni and cheese? Though it may sound disgusting, these things and other gross filth the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) calls “natural contaminants” are indeed allowed and present in your food.

In fact, so common are these contaminants that the FDA has published a booklet detailing the so-called “Food Defect Action Levels,” which were needed, according to the FDA, ” … because it is economically impractical to grow, harvest, or process raw products that are totally free of non-hazardous, naturally occurring, unavoidable defects…”

Think insect parts and rodent hairs are more of a rarity? Think again. A University of Ohio fact sheet estimates that we eat from one to two pounds of insects each year…

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Clean sweep

New brooms


A Chinese city has introduced a new street-cleaning machine, composed of a tractor and more than a dozen bamboo brooms.

The street cleaner, spotted by tourists in Qinghuangdao city, Hebei province, is a great source of amusement.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but it was really cleaning the street”, said a passer-by.

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Harry Potter fan + traffic cone = Oops!

the Daily Mail


To Charlie Thomas, it must have seemed like a wizard idea.

Spotting a discarded traffic cone, the imaginative three-year-old immediately saw its potential as an impromptu Harry Potter outfit. But after placing it carefully on his head to show his family, the magic soon disappeared.

The plastic cone became firmly stuck and despite the best efforts of the toddler’s parents, it refused to budge. Perhaps a Potter-style cry of ‘Expelliarmus!’ might have helped. But in the end they had to call the fire brigade – and it took a crew of six half an hour to release Charlie using cutting tools and pliers.


PS: He’s fine.

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You could say these elephants got fried…twice

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A herd of 40 Indian elephants which quaffed rice wine, “went berserk” as a result and rampaged round a village looking for food, suffered six fatalities after toppling an electricity pole, the West Australian reports.

According to state wildlife official Sunil Kumar, the drunken pachyderm electrocution incident took place last Friday in Chandan Nukat, a village some 240km west of Meghalaya state’s capital Shillong. Kumar said: “There would have been more casualties had the villagers not chased them away.”


Holy cow! Imagine 40 drunken elephants dashing and thrashing around your neighborhood. Scary!

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Not all dumb crooks are in the U.S.

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An Australian “lawyer” is part of a gang of six up before Southwark Crown Court accused of attempting to convince the Bank of England to honour a breathtaking £28bn…in moody £1,000 and £500,000 notes, AFP reports.

The cunning plan centred on an “avalanche” of fake £1k bills and 360 so-called “special issue” £500k denominations. The former were withdrawn from circulation in 1943, with just 63 examples unaccounted for, while the latter never existed.

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Wait a minute…in favor of the customer??

Weights And Measures

More than a third South Florida’s gas station pumps have failed the state’s accuracy test in the past three years. An analysis of state inspections reveals that slightly more than half of the broken pumps err in favor of the consumer. The state inspects all pumps every 12-18 months.

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For the girl who has everything…


A jewelry company in China has made a bra out of more than 2,500 diamonds.

A diamond bra has been designed in China it's worth £650K /Lu Feng

Priced at 10 million yuan (approx $1,400,000) and named Perfect, it was demonstrated by a model at the Yibai Department Store in Jinhua city, Zhejiang province.

The maker, Royal Décor Jewellery, says the piece used natural diamonds weighing more than 100 carats. The diamonds are set in 300 grams of white gold.

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Dumb crooks…with pictures


Thieves in Seminole County, Florida devised a cunning, mastermind plot to steal a front end loader from a nearby construction site and use it to break into a Seminole County bank and rob ATM’s located inside. Unfortunately they neglected one teensy detail … the tons of debris that fell on the ATM’s. Score: ATM’s one, crooks zero.


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Never too late


A 106-year-old man and an 81-year-old woman were married in a city in southeastern China, a state news agency reported on Saturday.

Pan Xiting met his bride Chen Adi eight years ago, and she has taken care of him since then, the Xinhua News Agency reported. Their former spouses died years ago.

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Among the more bizzare ways to die: Monkey gods kill Indian official


Aggressive monkeys are being blamed for the death of a senior Indian official. Media reports say the deputy mayor of New Delhi was on the balcony of his home when he was attacked by a gang of Rhesus macaques…causing him to fall. He was rushed to the hospital but died of head injuries.

Many government buildings, temples and residential neighborhoods in New Delhi are overrun by Rhesus macaques. Devout Hindus believe the monkeys are manifestations of a monkey god and feed them bananas and peanuts. That has encouraged the monkeys to frequent public places, and bite or snatch food from unsuspecting visitors.

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Rattling good pair of jeans

A pair of jeans has been recreated using over 3000 drinks cans.

A sculpture in the shape of a pair of jeans made from around 3,000 drink cans outside a shopping mall in Xiamen, in China's eastern Fujian Province /PA pics.

The five-metre pair of pants has been built outside a shopping centre in China.

Minghui Plaza in Xiamen city is offering shoppers the chance to guess how many cans were used to build the display.

As a prize the winner will receive 365 cans of coke, reports Southeastern Express.

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Worse than making hand prints…

German police had to rescue a driver after he moved out of the way to allow a police car with flashing lights to pass, and got stuck in setting concrete.

The car stuck in concrete on the A1 motorway near Ratekau in Northern Germany /CEN

Hans-Peter Wagner, 62, was driving on the A1 motorway near Ratekau in Northern Germany when he saw police flashing to get past him in his rear view mirror.

He instantly made way and pulled over but went straight into a stretch of road that had just been freshly concreted.

His car was later pulled out of the concrete by traffic cops.

Wagner said: “It looked like a regular road, and I didn’t see it was wet concrete.”

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Have elephants been looking at you strangely?


New Scientist

Elephants can sniff out human friends from foe, suggests a new study which shows the big mammals can recognise the smells and clothing of different ethnic groups.

African bush elephants (Loxodonta africana) in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park flee from the scents and colours of clothing worn by Masai warriors, but are not bothered nearly as much by the scent or sight of garments worn by local farmers.

The findings may be the best evidence yet that animals apart from humans can differentiate groups of individuals within other species.

“They are defining groups that pose different levels of risk within the human species,” says Lucy Bates at the University of St Andrews, UK. “This is the most sophisticated level of group identification within species for any animal other than people.”

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Tortoise GPS tracker


An animal lover was so fed up with looking for her tortoises she has fitted them with a tracker device.

Tortoise /Ext

Jane Williams, who runs a tortoise sanctuary from her home in Colchester, uses a handheld scanner to hunt down her 60 animals, reports the East Anglian Daily Times.

The tracker device is attached to their shells with a removable sticky pad.

Ms Williams said: “I think they are absolutely fantastic. Contrary to popular belief tortoises can actually move quite fast. They are real escape artists. They can climb walls, hide in bushes and bury themselves. We find them in all sorts of unusual places. It is amazing how difficult it can be to find them.”

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