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Now it’s Area 52

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You’ve heard of Area 51. How about Area 52?

The deserts of Nevada hold many secrets, including military secrets. Our state is home to some of the most highly classified military installations in the world. We’ve all heard of Area 51, but there’s also an Area 52, and it has inspired plenty of wild stories of its own over the years, including what’s going on underground.

And if there are Areas 51 and 52 how about all the numbers leading up to 51?

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Redneck Pharmacology?

A 45 year old man from Fuentes de León in [Spain]…ate some mushrooms to show they were not poisonous, and ended up in intensive care..

To prove his point he grabbed an aminta phalloides that was on display and took two bites, whereupon he turned yellow and began to vomit. After two days in intensive care he was released to the ward where he is being observed for possible permanent liver damage.

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