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Dang tourists! Won’t even get a hair cut!

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Near the northern border of Florida, one county over from the east coast of the state, is the small community of Glen St. Mary. It is a town in Baker County, Florida, with a population of 473 in the 2000 census, and 489, as of 2004. The people in Glen St. Mary live in 181 households in 131 families. Ninety-eight percent of the people in town identify themselves as Caucasian Americans.

The little town of Glen St. Mary is in the middle of a bit of uproar. A cryptid is the talk of the town. A mystery ape seems to be about.

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I need three volunteers…

Crocs via Yahoo! News

Soldiers and rangers have captured 88 crocodiles which escaped from a breeding farm in a central Vietnam province, but hundreds more are still on the loose, officials said on Wednesday.

They said soldiers shot dead eight fresh water crocodiles and returned those captured to the breeding farm in Khanh Hoa province where raging floodwaters broke cages on Saturday, allowing the crocodiles to escape.

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New coffee flavor…monkey spit

Reuters via Yahoo! News

Coffee connoisseurs are going ape for a rare brew that Taiwanese farmers are producing with the help of monkeys.

Formosan rock monkeys have long been a scourge to coffee farmers in Taiwan’s mountains because they eat the ripe berries and spit out the seeds. But now, the farmers are collecting these half-chewed seeds and roasting them to produce a coffee that is being brewed all over the island.

“The monkeys pick the reddest fruits to eat, and spit out the seeds. They cannot swallow them because that may cause indigestion,” said Liao Ching-tung, a coffee farmer for 30 years who has recently taken up roasting the regurgitated seeds. “For other crops it may cause serious loss, but if they eat coffee in this area, then it saves me the trouble of peeling the fruits,” he added.

Liao says the discarded seeds yield a sweeter coffee with a vanilla-like scent, which sells for about $56 a pound (450 grams).

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