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Crime Tip: Be sure to rob the courier before they make the deposit


Rutland [Vermont] Police say an armed robber came away empty handed early Tuesday morning.

They say a very tall black male wearing a dark hoody approached two restaurant employees as they were making their night deposit at the Citizen’s Bank in the Rutland Shopping Center around 2:30 a.m. The employees said they had already dropped the money off. So the alleged robber left empty handed.

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It can be yours for around $170,000

Ewok houses for sale
Star Wars fans with £74,000 to spare can now buy their very own Ewok-style tree houses. Canadian carpenter Tom Chudleigh’s Free Spirit Spheres are suspended in trees and accessible by rope bridges.

The 11ft wide eco-friendly houses can sleep four, allowing families to live in the forest…

The hand-crafted wooden spheres are constructed using boat building techniques and are coated in fibreglass making them waterproof and robust. Inside, they are kitted out with a fully equipped kitchen with a microwave, fridge and sink. The rest of the interior, including loft beds and bronze doors can be custom ordered.

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