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So you went and bought a door and then…

So you went and bought a fancy new door for your house and then when you went to hang it you discovered that it opened from the wrong side for your door frame? No problem…just hang it upside down. It gives the cat a good view that way.



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Man fights off rabid fox with a loaf of bread


A Beacon [NY] man fended off a rabid fox with a loaf of bread Wednesday, after it ran from under his pickup truck and attacked him. Gary Kemp had just arrived at his home in the Oak Meadows mobile home park when the fox charged at his leg.

“The fox was hiding underneath the Bronco, and he came out and charged at me, and started making this weeping noise as he was charging,” Kemp said. The gray fox attacked his legs, and Kemp, who was carrying a loaf of sliced bread, was able to defend himself and chase the fox away.

His neighbor’s dogs chased the animal back down the hill.


The fox, which was subsequently killed by a neighbor, tested positive for rabies. More details at the link.

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Thirsty thief


guiness.jpgA crafty criminal found an unusual way to stock up on booze for Christmas. The sneaky thief drove a truck into the Guinness Brewery on Dublin’s Victoria Quay and made off with a trailer full of booze.

Local police say the villain drove away with 180 kegs of Guinness, 180 kegs of Budweiser and 90 kegs of Carlsberg worth an estimated £45,000.

The 450 kegs contain around 40,000 pints, reports Sky News.

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Cruising the net, as I do for tidbits for this blog, I have come to wonder if there is anything that can’t be found on the net someplace. Here’s one example: a blog devoted to the sound of cats purring … no, really.

Link to Purrcast

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Crime Tip: Check the trash pickup schedule


She tried to make a clean getaway. Instead, the 13-year-old [Everett, WA] robbery suspect’s hiding place in a trash bin got turned upside down as it was emptied into a garbage truck Friday morning.

The girl came tumbling out in front of Snohomish County sheriff’s deputies, who were tracking her, and just happened to arrive as the bin was being dumped, sheriff’s spokeswoman Rebecca Hover said.

“She was hiding inside the dumpster under some garbage,” Hover said. “She was unloaded, too.”

The girl wasn’t hurt and police quickly put her in handcuffs, she said

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Police say three people wanted some easy money, but instead they gave authorities an easy catch. Police arrested the three Wednesday evening after a Harlem [Georgia] man reportedly tried to return a printer to Target with fake printed money inside the machine.

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Dude! That’s hemp, not weed.


hempman.jpg A Federal judge has dropped charges against a Lisbon [NY] man after his lawyer successfully argued that the marijuana authorities seized on his Keystone Road property was actually wild hemp.

52-year-old Patrick Green was arrested in August and accused of having nearly 900 marijuana plants and pot being prepared for sale in his barn on Keystone Road. Authorities said they were tipped off to Green’s activities by parents of youths who may have been involved in the drug activities.

Green’s lawyer Melissa Tuohey argued that the plants were hemp and not marijuana, and were growing in an area known to have wild hemp. She and a Private Investigator visited the site of the farm and found “numerous” areas where the plant was growing.

Additionally, a bust in 2003 that was credited as a massive seizure by authorities just 1 mile away from Green’s farm is now believed to have been hemp growing wild…

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