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Man fights off rabid fox with a loaf of bread


A Beacon [NY] man fended off a rabid fox with a loaf of bread Wednesday, after it ran from under his pickup truck and attacked him. Gary Kemp had just arrived at his home in the Oak Meadows mobile home park when the fox charged at his leg.

“The fox was hiding underneath the Bronco, and he came out and charged at me, and started making this weeping noise as he was charging,” Kemp said. The gray fox attacked his legs, and Kemp, who was carrying a loaf of sliced bread, was able to defend himself and chase the fox away.

His neighbor’s dogs chased the animal back down the hill.


The fox, which was subsequently killed by a neighbor, tested positive for rabies. More details at the link.

December 1, 2007 - Posted by | animals, People

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