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Stand-up, powered trike.


A new way to commute (or break a lot of bones) – a 12mph electric tricycle.


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Potato K.O.


Police were called to a house in the US after a woman knocked out her husband with a potato. She picked up the spud and threw it at him when he called her a rude name during a row in Nicholson, Georgia. The potato hit him square in the nose and knocked him out cold, reports Metro News.

The pair had started to argue in the kitchen in the early hours of Thanksgiving morning after they had been drinking.

The 43-year-old woman said she didn’t mean to hit her husband and called police as soon as he fell unconscious. Her husband decided not to press charges.

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Libraries deemed “health and safety risk” for children…even babes in arms.

the Daily Mail

lizcooper_228x375.jpg A young mother was told to leave a college study group along with her sleeping baby – because she was a health and saftey risk. Liz Cooper and her daugher were asked to leave for ‘health and safety reasons’

[Mrs.] Cooper, 25, and five-month-old Dominca Jimenez, were at an evening group study session in the college’s library and IT room when security staff asked her to leave. The mother-of-two, who is studying in the evening for a degree in early years health, was told the decision was made on health and safety grounds because of dust, temperature and hard-edged surfaces.

Ms Cooper, from Darwen, Lancs, said staff at St Mary’s College in Blackburn had supported her when she was pregnant and had told her she could take the baby in with her for short periods. But now she said she had been been told that she can only have Dominica with her in the breast-feeding room or the baby-changing facilities.


The Brit nanny state is reaching mind boggling levels.

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