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Well, that’s one way to avoid jury duty…

US News

A man appearing for jury duty was arrested after security discovered that his cane concealed a 2 1/2-foot sword and 6-inch dagger, police said. Vladislav Lisetskiy, 40, was arrested Monday at Brooklyn Supreme Court as he attempted to pass through security, police said.

Officers became suspicious even before the standard X-ray procedure.

“This one attracted attention because of the way it looked,” said Maj. Luz Bryan, commander of courthouse police. “It had two metal bands. It’s an indication that something is concealed. My officers noticed it right away.”

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Another strange animal

The Geelong Advertiser

A Freshwater Creek [Australia] farmer believes he spotted an unidentified animal near his home last week. Harry Cook yesterday told of having watched the mysterious four-legged creature on Friday at 4pm while showing a friend his property.

“We looked into the valley and this strange animal was standing there, with three wedge-tail eagles circling above. It had a dirty grey coat with white stripes on its rib area. I thought, God, it’s strange,” he said. “When it saw us it went into a crouching run and took off into the creek.”

Mr Cook said the animal was about 1m[eter] tall with a small head, long legs and a slim build. He said the tail was upright and hairless, unlike anything he had seen before.

“What I saw wasn’t a fox, foxes don’t stand that tall. It’s a new kid on the block, I suppose,” he said.


Another sighting description is at the link.

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McFines for slow eaters in the UK


Motorists who park at McDonalds are being fined for outstaying their welcome in some of the burger chain’s car parks.

An increasing number of motorists are being fined by third-party car park management companies for exceeding the time limits placed in some McDonald’s car parks.

“I had been there for 53 minutes. I was feeding my children. One of them is only 15 months old, so is not quick at eating,” [said] Maria Peters

A mother in Crawley was fined £125 by Civil Enforcement Ltd (CEL) who manage the car park at McDonald’s Drive Thru at Gatwick’s South Terminal. Her visit on 29 October, timed on camera, found she had exceeded the 45-minute maximum stay. Unaware of the restrictions, Maria Peters, her husband and two children, stayed for an extra eight minutes and received a fine in the post.

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Polly wants a parking spot

Parrot in parking row

Officials in Greece are being challenged in court after they issued a parrot with a £320 parking ticket. The local council in Patras say his perch is obstructing drivers because it partially blocks a metered parking space.But Coco the parrot’s owner, Lambros Michalopoulos, says the bird will die if it has to move back inside.Neither side is backing down so now the dispute is going to the courts, reports the BBC.


Once more the bureaucratic mind shows its’ brilliance.

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