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Thor’s hammer and drum — Sure. Coming right up.

Thor’s hammer, drum

An inmate is suing the Utah Department of Corrections for denying him his right to practice an ancient Nordic religion while behind bars.

Michael Polk is serving time for aggravated assault and robbery. He filed a lawsuit against corrections officials in federal court, accusing them of denying him religious items that he says are necessary to practice the Asatru religion.

The religion worships ancient Nordic gods like Odin, Thor, Tyr and Heimdal.

In the lawsuit, Polk says he has been a member of the Asatru faith since 2005, and in order to properly practice it he needs items including: a Thor’s Hammer, a prayer cloth, a Mead Horn used for drinking Wassail, a drum made of wood and boar skin, a rune staff and a sword.


Gee. Why does this sound suspiciously like a con job?

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Some son of a beach stole it…

beach stolen

Border crossing crooks were blamed after an entire beach including beach huts, sun loungers and sand were stolen.

Land locked Hungary has no beaches of its own and tonnes of sand had been shipped in to make the riverside at Mindszentas as near to the real thing as possible. But managers who closed up the leisure park for winter have found that 6,000 cubic metres of sand as well as playground rides, the huts, and even the wooden shops had been stolen.

Head of the local council Etelka Repas said: “It is crazy – I would have thought it was impossible to steal an entire beach. It was cleaned up and covered for the winter and then suddenly this week we saw that it had totally disappeared – beach and all.”

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