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attackcat.jpg When Sarah and Ben Goddard’s mail delivery dried up to a trickle, the couple smelt a rat. But Goddards would have been better pointing the finger of suspicion at their pet cat Georgi, after it emerged a succession of attacks by the vicious moggy left the postman too scared to deliver the mail.

Yesterday the couple told how they only discovered Georgi had taken to catfights after they saw the postie outside and questioned him about him their lack of letters. He told them he would not be delivering any more mail because the tabby had left him with bleeding fingers after three attacks in a week.


We had a neighbor once that had a big old tomcat that would climb onto the porch roof and lay in wait for the mail man, then drop down on him and attack. Pound for pound there is no tougher critter than a cat in my opinion…. well armed with teeth and claws, fearless and cunning. We need more cats.


December 26, 2007 - Posted by | animals

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