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Fireworkus Interruptus

Seattle PI

Fireworks explode off the top of the Space Needle, bringing in 2008, as seen from a condo complex on lower Queen Anne. Delays due to a computer glitch lengthened the show, according to a Space Needle spokeswoman. Ultimately, the show had to be executed manually, but it was out of sync with the accompanying music. In 14 years, this is the first such problem.

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Crime tip: Don’t rip an ATM out by its’ roots. That sets off an alarm.

Naples Daily News

backhoe-baddy.jpg As the sun rose Nov. 23, using a key he said he got from a former employer, Collier County deputies say [Brady Lee] Wright hopped into a backhoe at a construction site near Florida Sports Park and drove a quarter-mile to a nearby Regions Bank. Using the backhoe to rip out the drive-through ATM, Wright then pushed it about a quarter-mile down Sierra Meadows Boulevard in the backhoe’s bucket.

Unfortunately for Wright, he set off a silent alarm when he ripped the ATM from its base. That alerted deputies, who arrested him at about 6:45 a.m. and charged him with burglary, grand theft, criminal mischief and committing a felony while wearing a hood.

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