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Oh, Yeah? You and who else?


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Porcine room-mates

neighbours squeal – Yahoo! News

China’s worries about soaring pork prices have reached new heights in a southwestern town where a man has been raising three squealing pigs in his apartment, local media reported.

Su Yanshan, a livestock slaughterer, has been keeping the none-too-fragrant animals on the enclosed balcony of his second-floor home in Dazu County since June, according to the Chongqing Evening News.

Su’s wife told the newspaper they planned to sell the 100-kg pigs for the Lunar New Year holiday in early February, when pork is in peak demand for dumplings, sausage and other traditional dishes.

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Shocking! But he gets the “Idiot of the Day Award”

Man Shocked

metro-north-wires-subwaynut-com-280.jpg Metro-North Railroad [NY] representatives say a man riding on top of a train has been badly burned by a potent shock from its power lines…

The Stamford, Conn.-bound train’s power source was being switched from the third rail to overhead wires as it pulled into the Pelham station around 7:45 p.m. The power suddenly shut off, and the engineer went up to the roof and found Ricardo Chavez with his clothes aflame.

The crew put the fire out with an extinguisher and rescuers got Chavez off using fiber glass arms because his body may have been electrified…[An NMR representative] says Chavez was exposed to 11,000 to 14,000 volts of electricity, though he may not have touched the wire directly.

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From the world’s best comic…”Pearls Before Swine”



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