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Chupacabra’s cousin? Chilean ‘Kangaroo-Legged’ Creature

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Juan BerrĂ­os, a 40 year-old driver and an old-fashioned Chilean catholic, has never driven his vehicle again since his run-in with the monster. “He reached the truck stop in a state. His legs trembled,” said one of his co-workers, half-jokingly, at the same time he made the sign of the Cross just in case.

Up until 2 weeks ago, Santa Filomena was nothing more than a lonely and long alleyway in the locality of Viluco in Buin, where the peace was disturbed only by vehicles driving past it at high speed.

While the routine is unbreakable, the town is beginning to shake off its lethargy, but not because of the arrival of unstoppable modernity, but because of the apperance of an indescribable, hungry creature that hops across the streets with some small, wounded animal in its maw, and which has seen by bus drivers of the Buin-Maipo route, who decided to speak out after having experienced real fear.

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Crime Tip: When transporting $300,000 in pot obey traffic laws.



Chicago police uncovered what appeared to be about $300,000 worth of marijuana after making a traffic stop Saturday night on the Near South Side.

The stop by uniformed officers of the Deering Police District happened in the 2500 block of South Lowe Avenue about 11 p.m. A search of the vehicle revealed more than 50 kilograms of marijuana, police said. A large amount of cash and a weapon also were recovered.

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