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Talk to your dog?

Computer can help

Hungarian scientists are working on computer software analysing dog barks that could allow people to better recognise dogs’ basic emotions, Hungarian ethologist Csaba Molnar said.

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Twin ACT

Twin perfect ACT scores

Brian and Ross DeVol are a perfect match, genetically and academically: The identical twins earned perfect ACT scores.

The seniors at suburban Bellevue East High School both scored 36 on the college entrance exam, though Ross DeVol needed three tries. One of his earlier tries netted a 35.

The 18-year-old brothers have maintained straight-As through high school, and both are in the running for class valedictorian.

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UFO enthusiasts gather in Rendlesham Forest


More than 100 people are expected to gather in a Suffolk forest on Tuesday night to mark 25 years since a famous UFO sighting.

During the nights of 26 and 27 December 1980, US servicemen at RAF Woodbridge and Bentwaters reported mysterious lights in Rendlesham Forest.

The strange lights included a glowing metallic triangle and a hovering object with red and blue lights.

UFO enthusiasts are hoping there might be more sightings during the night.

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Today’s weather: Cloudy with showers of milk…Wait! Milk?!

Silver City Sun-News

The New Mexico Environment Department is looking into what caused a strange milky white rain to fall on Grant County Monday. Area residents noticed the unusual rain as it left white puddles and a white, almost sticky residue everywhere.

“We’re trying to determine what caused this event,” said Marissa Stone, communication spokeswoman for the New Mexico Environment Department. “We are sending samples to New Mexico Tech and the University of Texas El Paso to be tested.”

Stone said the NMED is looking at several possible reasons, including wind and weather patterns that might have brought the unknown substance to the area.

“We’ll know what the substance is when we get the results back in one to three weeks,” Stone said. “We want to know what it is as much as you do.”

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I-196 may be renamed “Pork Chop Parkway”


Two semi trucks with tire problems on the side of I-196 [near Grand Rapids, Michigan] were clipped by a third semi truck, which then spilled 40,000 pounds of pork.

The two semis were stopped on the side of the highway with their flashers on around 7 a.m. Wednesday. The third semi approached the trucks and clipped the second truck, which was then forced into the first semi.

The third semi’s trailer became disconnected from the cab, and 20 tons of pork spilled onto the expressway.

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Sibling rivalry carried a touch too far…

Oh brother!

Two Bulgarian brothers have divided their family home with barbed-wire after suing each other more than two hundred times.

Taso Hadjiev, 74, and his brother Asen, 75, from Malka Arda in Bulgaria first sued each other in 1968 in a dispute over land left to them by their dead parents.

Since then they have had persistent fall-outs and neither ever had the money to leave the home they grew up in because they used any income they had paying lawyers.

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You can’t light a candle in this church

Ice church

A church made completely from ice in Romania has proved so popular it’s had to ban candles to stop it from melting.

Managers of the church in the Carpathian Mountains have been flooded with requests to carry out weddings and baptisms. So many services were taking place that the candles were burning almost non stop – damaging the church interior.

The 200 sq ft church was built near Balea Lake, 6,673 feet above sea level, by local businessman Arnold Kingleis who has also built a nearby ice hotel.

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