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Bathroom naming rights…just $25K

naming rights

name.jpgIt’s an offer the University of Colorado couldn’t flush away: A Boulder venture capitalist paid $25,000 for the naming rights to a bathroom in the Boulder campus’ ATLAS building.

And so it is that the second-floor men’s bathroom in the high-tech hub now has Brad Feld’s name on it and a plaque with some words of wisdom from the donor: “The best ideas often come at inconvenient times. Don’t ever close your mind to them.”

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It will take a whole barrel of crackers for these Pollys

Feathers fly

Border guards in Belarus are hunting a man who tried to smuggle almost three hundred parrots into the country on the back of a bicycle. The guards saw the man while out on a routine patrol along the border with the Ukraine. But when they called him to stop he jumped off the bike and fled into nearby forests.

The guards found the birds crammed into six boxes strapped to the back of the bike. Two of the birds died but the rest were checked by vets who gave them a clean bill of health and passed them on to an animal sanctuary.

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