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You’ve heard of crop circles…how about sheep circles?

the Daily Mail


Photographer Russell Bird, who captured the amazing scene, said:”I was quite taken aback. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” he said.

“I did see a dog worrying sheep nearby beforehand and the dog ran off round the hedge in a different field, so I don’t know if they were discussing that.” Bizarrely, he then spotted another circle three fields away, but was unable to take a picture with both “formations” lasting around 10 minutes before dispersing…

Farm manager at Herefordshire College of Technology, Dan Seaborne, said: “I just think they’ve been fed with dry feed in that shape – you can get snacker feeders now and you tow behind a quad and it drops pellets on the ground.”I would imagine that’s what’s happened.”

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Bog Horn?



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Attention Tarzan fans: Remember Cheeta? He’s 75.

the Daily Mail

It’s the latest and probably the last tell-all star autobiography from Hollywood’s golden age. But this memoir is a different species entirely from the normal rags-to-riches tale of a big-screen leading man or woman – it’s the life of Cheeta the chimpanzee.

Tarzan’s famous co-star, who embarked on his screen career in the 1930s alongside Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O’Sullivan, is the subject of Me Cheeta, to be published by Fourth Estate in October.

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What part of “NO!” don’t you understand?


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Wrexham UFO

More, and video, at the Wrexham – Evening Leader

ufoimage.jpg A [Wrexham, North Wales, UK] couple were mesmerised as seven red lights flew silently and at great speed above their house in the early hours of the morning.

It was just after midnight when Leigh Williams, 31, went out to the back of his house on Townsend Avenue for a cigarette. He said he saw some strange lights in the sky and ran inside to get his wife, Lynn, 32.

She said: “I thought he was taking the mick and I told him I was tired and to leave me alone. He said ‘if you don’t believe me look out there’.

There were seven lights flying fast over the house. Two of them were flying round each other. They were flying very close together, closer than planes. They were going so fast I couldn’t focus on them.

“I ran inside and got my camcorder. I thought they could be helicopters but when I zoomed in I was scared to death. They were glowing red in the middle. I’m a very logical person. We are not into the paranormal at all. I thought people would think we were barmy if we said we saw UFOs.”

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