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Update to “What the heck is this?” (Thanks, Willie.)

I have just received this and the accompanying pictures from a reader in South Dakota. It sure looks similar to the animal in the post. (The original post is here.)

“The wardens and local ranchers are calling them coydogs a cross between a coyote and a domestic canine. There have been other sightings in the central part of the state. They could be reservation dogs that are running wild however that is only speculation on my part. These animals are not locals.”


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Area 51 gets name change … That will fool people.

More at Area 51 name change


Homey Airport? Doesn’t sound like a very thrilling name for as place with lots of thrilling lore. But maybe that’s what the government had in mind when it quietly (what else?!!) changed the name of the base known as Area 51 in Nevada to the new Homey moniker.

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Thinking of flying somewhere? Check the crew first.

Air Canada

The co-pilot of an Air Canada flight from Toronto to London has been admitted into psychiatric care at an Irish hospital after “falling ill” in the cockpit during the flight.

Air Canada has revealed little about what happened on board the plane, but did say the pilot of flight 848 made an emergency landing in Shannon, Ireland, at 8 a.m. local time yesterday after his co-pilot became unwell.

Paramedics and a doctor were at the airport to treat the co-pilot, who has been reported by the Irish press to have suffered a nervous breakdown on board the flight.

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Go away. You’re dead.

You’re dead. Go away.

Red tape is preventing a Polish man from returning from the dead.

Piotr Kucy, 38 and from the city of Polkowice in southwest Poland, was wrongly identified by authorities last August as a drowned man, only to show up a few days after his own funeral. Despite pointing out the fact that he was alive to government officials, Kucy still remains dead in official records, stopping him from working and paying social insurance.

But on the bright side, a local newspaper reported on Tuesday, he no longer needs to pay taxes.


A government spokesperson said “This man doesn’t exist.”

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Nobody ever thought to look in his ear?

Deafness was a cotton bud

A schoolboy was suddenly cured of his deafness after nine years when a cotton wool bud popped out of his ear.

Jerome Bartens, 11, had been unable to hear anything on his right side since he was a toddler, reports the Daily Mail.

“I was just playing pool in the church hall when my ear made a popping noise. It was very strange at first to be able to hear everything,” he said.

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Only In California: Marijuana vending machines

Pot slots

Marijuana vending machines have been launched in California. The machines can only be used by people who have been prescribed the drug for health reasons, reports the BBC.

Patients will have to provide a prescription, and be fingerprinted and photographed before being allowed to use the facilities.

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