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4 Mile trail of cow manure

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A 4-mile cow manure spill through three [Maine] towns kept residents plugging their noses Monday and sent motorists to area car washes.

The mystery of who spilled the manure on Route 100A from Winslow to Benton and into Clinton remained unsolved as of Monday night.

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Luminous UFO in Mexico


The city of Chilpancingo (state of Guerrero’s) La Cronica Vespertina newspaper reported the sighting of an unknown light that landed at Cerro Pie de Minas, emitting flashes for over 30 hours and causing alarm among the locals.

The event took place in the early morning hours of December 31, 2007 in the town of Mezcala, Guerrero. According to the news report from journalist Francisco Rangel, dated January 10, 2008, the phenomenon was observed by the entire town, cutting across all ages ranging from children to senior citizens and including mining engineers and laborers at the Los Filos gold mine.

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Can you believe the depths that lawyers have taken us to?

I’m doing something I don’t usually do with this post and that is that I am including the entire post. England is turning into a nation of lawyers and wimps. It’s a pity. How the mighty have fallen.


A traditional pancake race has been scrapped because of fears over health and safety.

Pancake race /PA pics

The event was revived 11 years ago and since then crowds have gathered in the centre of Ripon, North Yorkshire, on Shrove Tuesday, reports the Daily Mail. Schoolchildren run down a cobbled street flipping pancakes after the start is signalled by the ringing of the cathedral’s ancient “pancake bell” at 11 am.

But organisers reluctantly scrapped the popular event this year because of mounting costs and bureaucracy linked to health and safety rules.

The Very Rev Keith Jukes, the new Dean of Ripon, said: “We have looked at this and there are a number of reasons it won’t take place and a big reason sadly this year is health and safety. Any organisation which runs an event has to go through a number of risk assessments. The insurance companies demand it and in the end you have to work out whether it’s a risk you take.”

Organiser Councillor Bernard Bateman added: “Health and safety has just gone too far. It makes you think twice about even trying to hold events like this, even though they are extremely popular, especially amongst children. The main issue with health and safety is the cobbled street people could slip on, but it causes us so much trouble just for a little issue. This stupidity never happened previously. It’s a shame that these issues stop the children enjoying such a traditional event.”

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