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Is there a holiday of some kind coming up?

I went to the grocery store today and it struck me that there may be a holiday coming up. Anyone know anything about that?


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Your dog wants to see Lassie

Cinema goes to the dogs

An Austrian cinema is letting movie-goers take their pet dogs to films with them in a bid to lure more customers.

The Admiral cinema in Vienna has been struggling against competition from new multiplex cinemas which have been built nearby. So cinema bosses have started a monthly Doggy Day in a bid to offer something different from their brash modern rivals.

Visitors pay [about US $7] for a ticket while their pet pooch can go in for free and [is] given a blanket to snuggle up on in their seats, as well as water and popcorn.

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Tip: Put on your bank robber outfit after you go to the bank

Fancy dress bank “robbers”

Two Germans dressed as bank robbers for a [costume] party sparked a police alert when they went into a bank to withdraw some money. A passer-by spotted the pair in the German town of Sittensen on Rose and called police who set up road blocks after getting a note of their car registration.

Johann Maier, 20, and Walter Brey, 22, were found two hours later at a disco in the nearby town of Breve and have been told they will now have to foot the bill for the police operation.

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