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More mini-pigs


A recent mini-pig post here has drawn a great deal of attention. There are more pictures of minis here,

and here.

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So how do you stop an elephant that wants to breed?


Furious Animal rights groups today criticised a zoo for letting a nine-year-old Asian elephant become pregnant – claiming she’s too young. Allowing Thong Dee to bare a calf was “the equivalent of allowing your 12-year-old daughter to become pregnant,” one charity said. Elephants are normally at least 11 before conceiving and protesters say the animal – who is five months into her 22 month pregnancy – could risk her health.

“It is completely irresponsible,” said Erica Martin of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

But delighted staff at Taronga Zoo in Sydney are overjoyed as the birth would be the first by a captive elephant in Australia.

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Want to go missing? Don’t appear in movies.

Missing man

An Italian man who disappeared with £37,000 and his mistress was found after he was spotted in a movie scene.

Martino Garibaldi, a 45-year-old shop owner, took the money from a family bank account when he left Montecalvo. Despite employing detectives to track him down his wife had found no trace of him.

Then, a friend watching the popular movie “Natale in Crociera” (Christmas on a Cruise) saw Garibaldi and his mistress in the background of a scene.


The movie shooting site was discovered and the wife is now suing to regain the cash. For some reason she doesn’t want him back though…just the cash.

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China spooked…wait. Make that “not” spooked

ghost stories by Reuters

caspar.jpg China has added ghosts, monsters and other things that go bump in the night to its list of banned video and audio content in an intensified crackdown ahead of the Beijing Olympics.

Producers have around three weeks to look through their tapes for “horror” and report it to authorities, the General Administration of Press and Publications said in a statement posted on the government Web site.

Offending content included “wronged spirits and violent ghosts, monsters, demons, and other inhuman portrayals, strange and supernatural storytelling for the sole purpose of seeking terror and horror,” the administration said.

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Sorry. I don’t believe it.

No stripes and no dots

A kindergarten in northern Sweden has introduced an unusual form of dress code, banning staff and children from wearing clothes with stripes or dots, a news report said today.

The ban was introduced at a pre-school in Koskullskulle near Gallivare to protect a staff member who suffers from migraines who “cannot be in an environment where there are stripes or dots,” principal Maj Norberg said, according to the Norrlandska Socialdemokraten newspaper. “Parents question this, they don’t want to change their children’s jumpers. The current fashion is stripes,” Norberg said.

Norberg said the dress code was “unusual” but “the staff member has to be able to work and it is hard to find alternative employment for her.”


This just isn’t credible. Look around you. How many things do you see that are striped or dotted? Window blinds with slats? That’s stripes. The night sky? That’s not stars, that’s dots. A pile of apples in a grocery store? More dots. Ad infinitum. Silliness is in good supply in Sweden, apparently.

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