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Need a job? How about Pet Food Taster?

the Daily Mail

This is Simon Allison, the man who eats pet food for a living.

Chicken dinners, beef strips or campfire jerky bars – it is all the same to him: if it’s a dog’s dinner (or cat’s breakfast), he eats it. What’s more, he enjoys it.

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sewage ‘zombie’

‘zombie’ -the Daily Mail

It sounds like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster. But staff at a sewage works have called in a ghostbuster because they are being stalked by a zombie-like figure who roams the underground tunnels.

Workers at Southern Water’s treatment plant in Eastbourne, East Sussex, said they have been scared to enter tunnels after being followed about by a “humanoid figure” as they went about their jobs.

Mark Wey, a sewage treatment worker, got permission from his bosses to hire a paranormal investigator to launch an investigation into the sewage spirits.

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