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Sign of the times…speed camera funnies

the Daily Mail camerasign2.jpgAs protests go, it spells out the sentiments of many motorists. But police have failed to see the funny side after a saboteur started altering ‘Speed Cameras’ signs to read ‘Greed Cameras’.At least ten are believed to have been changed using home-made stickers in Colchester, Essex, over the past two months. The suspect is believed to be someone who has recently been caught by a camera.

February 17, 2008 - Posted by | Cars, Odd signs, Pictures


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  2. who would steal a marble heart from a grave in Buckley this heart was added to the grave of my beloved and very missed grandaughter with a special message from her mother it must have wheighed about 40lbs so I dont think it was children that took it? I will pay a reward to the person that tells me who took it or were it is now just let me know please
    my beutifull blond grand daughter was thrown threw the windscreen of a car that the driver thought it good to hide the seat belts were they could not be fitted (she was a back seat passenger)she never rode in a car with out putting her seat belt on from a little girl till this night I am sure if they were in view she would have worn one?

    Comment by k fowler | February 21, 2008

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