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Never too late to start a new career

Little old lady robber

Police in Manchester are hunting an eldery woman who tried to hold up a Post Office. The pensioner, aged 65 to 70, pulled out a knife, threatened the cashier and demanded money.

But she shuffled off empty handed from the Post Office in Northenden after staff activated the store’s alarm.

She is described as white, about 5ft 2in tall, with dark hair and a purple coat.

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How to sell blank CD’s

Silent CD

A song that is inaudible to humans has become a top-selling hit in New Zealand is set to be released worldwide. A Very Silent Night, said to be recorded at a frequency that can be heard only by dogs, was issued as a charity CD by the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

To widespread surprise, it rocketed to the top of the charts, reports the Daily Telegraph. Now distributors in the US and Australia are vying for the rights to international sales, the society has announced.

Although dog owners sit through several minutes of silence while the disc spins on the CD player, the dogs they own are reported to wag their tails, prick up their ears, and even dance in delight.

The accompanying video, which has become a popular feature on YouTube, shows Dei Hamo, a New Zealand singer, and two female companions mouthing the words of the song.

The CD was the brainchild of DraftFCB Creative, an Auckland-based advertising agency, which claims the recording was electronically synthesised to achieve the frequencies audible only to dogs.

Some remain unconvinced, however. Since the video appeared on YouTube, several viewers cast doubt on whether there is actually any sound at all. One said: “This is a have. I checked it with an oscilloscope and there is nothing there, it’s just muted video.”

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