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Silly Headline of the Day: “Sat-navs harm railway bridges”

Sat-navs ‘harm railway bridges’

“Millions of pounds worth of damage is being caused to Britain’s railway infrastructure by lorry drivers following satellite navigation devices.”

Guess what, guys, it isn’t the GPS units that are the problem. It’s the silly drivers that blindly follow them. According to Network Rail some 2000 bridges are hit each year by drivers blundering along and slavishly following the GPS instructions.

The resulting damage to bridges too-narrow for big rig trucks is estimated at £10 million pounds a year, not to mention 5000 hours of delays. Network Rail thinks it might be a good idea for the drivers to pay some attention to the hazard road signs.

A spokesman told BBC Radio Five Live, “Sat-navs are a great tool but they are not an alternative for keeping your wits about you and obeying the rules of the road.”

Good point.

February 22, 2008 - Posted by | People

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