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A dumb crook, but a romantic

Romeo robber

A romantic robber who fell in love with the woman cashier at a post office he robbed was caught after he went back to ask her for a date.

Bruno Perez, 31, forced Lucia Marcelo, 21, to hand over the money at gun point at the post office in Genoa – but could not get her out of his head. So the next day he bought a large bunch of flowers with some of the money and returned to the scene of the crime to apologise – and ask her for a date.

But his lady love kept him talking while she activated a silent alarm connected to the police station – and he was arrested minutes later.

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U.N. Conference solves famine issue…eat bugs

Insect-Eating for Everyone


Once again a UN conference has come up with a brilliant plan to solve the pressing problem of famine: just eat bugs.

“A Japanese scientist proposed bug farms on spacecraft to feed astronauts, noting that it would be more practical than raising cows or pigs. Australian, Dutch and American researchers said more restaurants are serving the critters in their countries.The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization estimates 1,400 species of insects and worms are eaten in almost 90 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Researchers at the conference detailed how crickets and silk worms are eaten in Thailand, grubs and grasshoppers in Africa and ants in South America.

“In certain places with certain cultures with a certain level of acceptance, then insects can very well be seen as part of the solution” to hunger, said Patrick Durst, a Bangkok-based senior forestry officer at the FAO.

The challenge, experts said, is organizing unregulated, small bug food operations in many countries so they can supplement the food that aid agencies provide. The infrastructure to raise, transport and market bugs is almost nonexistent in most countries.”


Why do we continue to fund these clowns?

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Try to tell your insurer how your tortoise set the house on fire…

The Sun

A couple returned home to find their house had been set on fire by their tortoise [Fred] …Emma, 30, and partner Paul Butler, 45, left Fred – a female – in a tank under a heat lamp to keep her warm enough to stay alive [during the Winter].

But Fred piled her dry straw under the lamp and it caught alight, spreading flames through the house.Emma – who also has a dog and two baby tortoises – said: “We were out shopping when we got a call from the fire brigade saying that our tortoise had set the house on fire. Luckily our neighbour had heard the smoke alarm go off and called the fire brigade.”

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