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Gunnery lessons not included

International Herald Tribune

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says he asked for the return of his Austrian army tank from a museum because he was concerned about the upkeep and wants to offer rides on it to schoolchildren.

Schwarzenegger, a native of Austria, said he plans to offer the rides to inner-city kids in the Los Angeles area as a reward for staying in school, avoiding drugs and working hard. The governor said he used to offer trips to his movie sets as an incentive to kids. But since he became governor and stopped making movies in 2003, he hasn’t had anything enticing to offer.


Thanks to Tank Ride Watcher Geoff for this contribution.

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He isn’t a free loader. He just wants you to give him everything

More India trek ends at Calais

A man who planned to walk from Bristol to India without any money has quit – after getting as far as Calais. Mark Boyle, 28, who set out with only T-shirts, a bandage and sandals, hoped to rely on the kindness of strangers for food and lodging…
In his online diary at the start of his journey to Porbander, Gandhi’s birthplace, he said he was given two free dinners on his first evening away in Glastonbury. Later, he was joined in Dover by two companions, and the three managed to get to Calais.

But in one of his last entries, he wrote: “…not only did no one not speak the language, they had also seen us as just a bunch of freeloading backpackers…”


Gee. I wonder why they took that attitude. Maybe because they are freeloaders?

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Billy and his kid

More at “Billy and the kid”

A boxer dog called Billy has become an unlikely surrogate father to a kid goat at an animal centre in Devon. Big hearted Billy formed a strong bond with abandoned kid Lily at Pennywell Farm, near Buckfastleigh, where they have become a popular attraction.

As the runt of triplets, Lily was abandoned by her mother because nanny goats can usually only care for two kids at a time.

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