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Remember Knut? He grew up.


Remember the cute little polar bear cub in the Berlin Zoo?


Well, he is now a year old, weighs in at around 200 pounds and, folks, he ain’t cute and cuddly anymore. Even the zoo keeper that hand raised him can’t get close.


Fortunately for this little boy the glass that separated him from Knut is six inches thick and able to withstand an impact from a mortar.

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A Headline you don’t see every day: “Paraglider got stuck in tree with chihuahua”

Paraglider stuck in tree with chihuahua

An Australian man had to be rescued after he got stuck 200ft up a tree while paragliding with his pet chihuahua…He was left dangling, with chihuahua Emma strapped to his chest, for five hours, reports the Melbourne Age.

He had struggled to get a signal on his mobile phone and his radio was useless because of the remote location in the Yarra Ranges national park.

Mr Hansen, who is fighting cancer, admitted he’d been worried and cold but said he’d been more concerned about his beloved Emma. “She knew that we were in danger, but she didn’t panic or anything. She always flies with me. She loves it. I wouldn’t take her if she didn’t like it,” he said.

He finally managed to send text messages to friends, giving his GPS position, and they alerted emergency services.

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