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No more chicken bones, no more tarot…just toss asparagus down


A Worcester fortune-teller claims she can tell people’s futures by using asparagus. Jemima Packington throws asparagus spears onto the floor and makes predictions based on how they land.

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Zorro’s daughter?

burglar treated for shock

A burglar in Hungary climbed over a fence to rob a house only to be confronted by a sword-wielding Olympic fencing ace.

Virgine Ujlaky, 23, was practicing her swordplay when she saw Pal Nagy, 43, clambering in through a window of her house in a posh suburb of Budapest. But within seconds and a few swift slashes of the sword the crook was pinned against the wall, with the blade against his throat as the swordswoman reached for the phone and called police.

They arrested the villan 20 minutes later, who had to be treated by paramedics for shock. Ujlaky said: “I wasn’t scared when I saw him. It was good practice…”

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Granny’s grenades

Handbag full of grenades

Police officers, secretaries and criminals were evacuated from a Russian police station after a granny walked in with a handbag filled with hand grenades.

Irene Fedorova, 67, walked into the station in the Orenburg Region in the Urals and said she wanted to take advantage of an arms amnesty. She said she wanted to get rid of some old weapons that her late husband Boris had kept under their bed.

Officers who opened the bag found it contained several hand grenades including two that had faulty pins and could have gone off at any moment.

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Crime tip: Planning a bank robbery? Be sure to check their hours first.


A shotgun-wielding [Pennsylvania] man wearing an orange ski mask was arrested today after police said he tried to rob a bank that had already closed for the afternoon.

Christopher Allen Koch, 28, of Mountain Top Road, Liberty, arrived at Citizens & Northern Bank, along Main Street in Liberty around 11:40 a.m. and sat inside his car in the bank’s parking lot for approximately 20 minutes, police said.

Apparently, Koch did not read the hours posted on the bank’s door. The bank closed at noon, according to the Citizens & Northern Bank Web site.

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Crime tip: Take your tracking bracelet off before burgling

More at GPS ankle bracelet

Perhaps James Wombles thought he made a clean getaway when he reportedly committed multiple burglaries in Clark and Miami counties [Ohio] between December and January.

But authorities tracked the Montgomery County man down by following the GPS signals from his electronic monitoring bracelet. He has been in the Miami County Jail since his…arrest on charges of receiving stolen property.

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Can you dig it? These people almost did.

 souped-up prison tunnel

Police in Chile, a country known more for mining than for prison breaks, discovered on Wednesday an elaborate tunnel with built-in ventilation and noise barriers near a penitentiary in the Santiago area. The 279-foot (85-meter) long tunnel resembled an underground mine structure, built with cement and wooden beams and boasting electrical power and carts for hauling away dirt and rock.

Police said the wives of two inmates at the Colina II prison had hired four miners to build the escape tunnel, which led from a nearby house toward the facility and was only 98 feet shy of an interior prison yard.

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