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This is going to smell good…

Earthfiles.comstarfish.jpgOn March 13, 2008, Britains Daily Mail reported: “For five miles along the beaches stretched a gruesome line of dead starfish. Fishermen and bird-watchers at Pegwell Bay near Sandwich, Kent, England, discovered thousands of the creatures lying on the sand just above the water line. And on the beach at nearby Sandwich Bay, thousands more were photographed by Tony Flashman.” To date, U. K. Environment Agency authorities do not know the cause of death.

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Drunk picks bad napping spot

Birthday girl’s lucky escapeA Belarus woman survived being run over by a 90mph train after she fell asleep between the tracks after celebrating her birthday.Svetlana Yurkova, 32, said: “I’d had a few drinks and felt sleepy and just lay down on what I thought was the ground. It felt very comfortable, but I later found out it was between two rail tracks and an express train went over me during the night. I didn’t even hear it. The doctors said it was a good job I was so hard asleep because otherwise I would have woken up with the sound of the train and got my head knocked off.”……………………………A few drinks? How many does it take before you don’t hear a train roll over the top of you?

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Mussolini’s ride

BBC NEWS pescara.jpg

A classic sports car, once owned by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, has been sold for a record price for the model of vehicle.The 1935 two-seater Pescara Spyder, one of only 60 made, attracted just a few bids when it went under the hammer in Cheltenham in February. The best offer reached just over half the expected £800,000 and the owner chose not to sell at the time.A private buyer has now bought it for £550,000, H&H Classic Auctions said.

(For you whippersnappers who don’t know who Mussolini was…he was the fascist dictator of Italy from shortly before World War 2 to late in the war when his people caught up to him and hanged him upside down and shot him numerous times just to be sure he was dead. Being a dictator is dangerous business.) 

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Amputee chicken gets radiotherapy for cancer… Wait. What?

The Sun |HomePage|Newschicken.jpgOne-legged pet chicken Eve is recovering at home after becoming the UK’s first hen to have radiotherapy for cancer. The three-year-old bird lost a leg to a tumour so owners Elaine and Chris Denney paid more than £1,000 to make sure she is fully cured.Elaine, 43, of Hatfield Norton, Worcs, said: “We would do this for any of our 15 chickens.”

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