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Yum! Burnt lion’s head for dinner!

UPI.comTourism officials in Beijing have hired linguists to do away with poorly translated English signs ahead of the upcoming Olympic Games. The Beijing Municipal Tourism Bureau is working to correct the language on the signs, which have long amused Anglophone visitors to the city with poorly worded translations, The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.The bureau has also instructed city businesses to provide proper English translations of signs, menus and notices.The city has given restaurant owners a list of commonly (sic)mistranslations — including “steamed crap” and “burnt lion’s head” — along with the correct English names of the dishes — steamed crabs and Chinese pork meatballs, respectively.”These translations either scare or embarrass foreign customers and may cause misunderstanding on China’s diet habits,” the state news agency said.Other mistranslations on Beijing signs include a notice welcoming visitors to “Racist Park,” which would translate more accurately to the Park of Ethnic Minorities, and wet road warnings that inform motorists that “the slippery are very crafty.”

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Home owners and cops both spooked by ghosts

Police blame ghosts for damage

Romanian cops have closed a vandalism investigation that left local houses in ruins by concluding ghosts were to blame. Families living in Lilieci reported windows broken, bicycles flying through the air, objects moving on tables and candles blown out when there is no wind.

When they complained they were being hounded by evil spirits to police they were laughed at. But after officers saw the evidence with their own eyes they filed a report saying that ghosts were to blame.

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Crime tip: For crying out loud, don’t spray yourself with pepper spray

Robbers reduced to tears

A pair of bank robbers burst into tears and collapsed choking in Poland after they tried to use pepper spray on a cashier in front of an air conditioning unit.

The wind blew the spray back over the pair, who staggered from the bank in the south-western city of Wroclaw empty handed.

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The Easter Bunny will be early this year…really early

the Daily MailEaster’s date is determined by the spring equinox – the point in the year when the day and night are of equal length. If the full moon after the equinox is on a Sunday, then Easter is on the following Sunday.The formula was decided after much controversy among early Christians in 325. The festival cannot fall earlier than 22 March or later than 25 April.It may look daunting to non-mathematicians but the fiendishly complex formula used to work out when Easter actually falls is:((19*t u-w-(u-(u 8)25) 1)3) 15)mod30) (32 2*x 2*y-(19*t u-w- (u-(u 8)25) 1)3) 15)mod30)-z)mod7)-7*(t 11*(19*t u-w(u- (u 8)25) 1)3) 15)mod30) 22*(32 2*x 2*y-(19*t u-w-(u- (u 8)25) 1)3) 15)mod30)-g)mod7) 114)31This year will be the earliest anyone now alive will ever see Easter because it will not fall this early again for over 100 years – in 2160.

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