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The Easter Bunny will be early this year…really early

the Daily MailEaster’s date is determined by the spring equinox – the point in the year when the day and night are of equal length. If the full moon after the equinox is on a Sunday, then Easter is on the following Sunday.The formula was decided after much controversy among early Christians in 325. The festival cannot fall earlier than 22 March or later than 25 April.It may look daunting to non-mathematicians but the fiendishly complex formula used to work out when Easter actually falls is:((19*t u-w-(u-(u 8)25) 1)3) 15)mod30) (32 2*x 2*y-(19*t u-w- (u-(u 8)25) 1)3) 15)mod30)-z)mod7)-7*(t 11*(19*t u-w(u- (u 8)25) 1)3) 15)mod30) 22*(32 2*x 2*y-(19*t u-w-(u- (u 8)25) 1)3) 15)mod30)-g)mod7) 114)31This year will be the earliest anyone now alive will ever see Easter because it will not fall this early again for over 100 years – in 2160.

March 20, 2008 - Posted by | Dumb Stuff, Holidays


  1. Not for publication

    As a fellow oldster, and one who can probably give you a few years, I have been enjoying your web site for quite some time now and must compliment you on your invariably high standards.

    This article, however, is a mess and just not worthy of being listed on your site.

    The formula you have given is obvious nonsense and a significant deviation from the original in the quoted reference as you seem to have problems with the backslash “\”.

    The original article quotes a formula, which I haven’t bothered to look at because it uses 6 variables, none of which are defined. This sort of ignorant crap has, unfortunately, proliferated to an alarming degree across the internet. It certainly does not need to be further propagated.

    But thanks for your efforts anyway. I missed you when you took your break.


    Comment by Ivan | March 20, 2008

  2. Thanks, Ivan. I realized when I posted it that the equation was nonsense and, in fact, that is the reason I posted it and for that matter, the reason for posting a lot of stuff here. I probably should have stated that but I rashly assumed that it would be recognized as nonsense.

    As to the equation itself it was lifted unchanged (copy and paste) from where I saw it. Interestingly you are the only one to comment on that, at least to this point.

    I’m 73. How many years do you have on me?

    Comment by oldstersview | March 21, 2008

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